Spandex + Strangers + Bad Dance = Goodness

I’ve been so humbled, surprised and wrapped in warm ‘n fuzzy emotional-goodness in the past 24 hours, since first posting the trailer to the Dance Experiment online.  I had no idea what to expect when I concocted the idea and it could’ve been a disaster in so many ways – the studio rented, the participants selected, the choreographer hired, the venue rented, the schedule, the footage procured, the elementary school kids selected.  But it’s been an amazing ride, and we’re only half way through rehearsals!

Sample reactions:

  • How awesome — props to you for doing it, Saya! I wish I could be there. Maybe a DVD version?  Someone should really document the whole process on DVD, from inception to rehearsals to finish. It has a lot of potential!!
  • Sometimes I really wish I lived out there so I could see some of these things you do. Good luck!
  • This is so amazing!! What a cool idea and how fun that you are part of it! Will the full documentary be available?
  • It looks like you guys are having an awesome time! If Saya ever does Dance Experiment 2 I’m in.
  • Looks AWESOME!! I am sooo excited for this!! You’re going to video the shows, right?  I wish I were in the show!!!
  • Is it weird that the video made me a little teary?
  • DE has been such fun so far – what am I going to do when it is over?  I think we need to plan a reunion tour of some sort!
  • Just watched the trailer six times in a row.  I’m so proud to be a part of this group!
  • I agree that we need to do something when this is all over. I can’t imagine not seeing all of you each week!