Solo for the night? Come to my house.

A girl who came by herself last night to the screening of my documentary on dating, dating rubik’s cube, mentioned that when the two of her friends who were supposed to come with her apologized for flaking out and thus making her attend solo, her response was, “Oh it’s fine, it’s one of Saya’s events!”  She went on to explain to me that she feels very at ease coming alone to events I throw because she knows other guests will be uber-friendly and inviting into their circles, and that the environment is always welcoming and comfortable.  I love that!

The screening was really fun.  Per usual, a very diverse guest list, and they all seemed to enjoy interacting with one another.  Nothing like the feeling of watching others thoroughly enjoy themselves at the hands of something you created.  Not to sound all sappy and cliche, but their laughter warmed my heart.  Plus, sold a few copies of the DVD to people who said they wanted to have their own screenings with friends — fun to think of people all over Chicago laughing in their homes due to my film!