Secret Sauce Squad Registration

Your spot will be held for two weeks from your acceptance date. Your first payment, whether in full or an installment, will reserve it; if payment isn’t received in the two-week time frame, your spot will be offered to someone else. There are no refunds unless someone on the wait list is able to take your spot so make sure you can commit before committing.


Payment —

  • Full = $2400
  • Installment = $800 x 3
    • Must be paid monthly with total paid no later than December 15, 2021; e.g. if you make your first payment August 15th, your second payment is due September 15th and third payment October 15th
    • If you register with less than three months before the 12/15/21 date so that installments don’t work out in nice monthly increments, your initial $800, due within two weeks from your selection email, will hold your spot and the balance is due by 12/15/21
Go to whichever payment option below you prefer —
  • When asked for an email address to send the money to, enter:
  • If it asks for a phone number, deselect that option/ignore
  • If it asks for a name, enter: Saya Hillman
  • Upon payment receipt, Saya will confirm it with you

OPTION ONE → Chase Quick Pay/Zelle (Chase customer; non-Chase customer)

  • Linked to your bank account
  • You do NOT need to be a Chase customer to use this option
  • Never any fees for either party
  • It may say you’re sending money to “Mac”; that’s ok!, that’s Mac as in Mac & Cheese Productions℠
  • If this is a recurring payment, highly recommend you set up your recurring payments now so that you don’t have to fill your head with unneeded noise; set ’em up now and be done


  • The above link will take you to Saya (“Saya-Hillman” is the account handle)
  • Pay using money you have in Venmo,  your bank account or debit card, or a credit card
  • No fees when you use your Venmo Balance, bank account, or debit card
  • Convenience fee when you use a credit card


  • The above link will take you directly to Saya’s page
  • You can use your bank account, credit/debit card, or Paypal balance  
  • If paying by bank account or Paypal balance, choose send money to “friends/family” to avoid a fee OR if you don’t see that option, just don’t check “Goods & Services” (leave blank)
  • If paying by credit card, Mac & Cheese is assessed a fee so we always appreciate not using this option
  • Note: Paypal no longer refunds fees even if a refund is given so make sure you do above correctly; if Mac & Cheese is assessed a fee for bank account/paypal balance use, we’ll have to refund you and request another payment that now includes the Paypal fee we had to pay. If you’re unclear how to make sure a fee isn’t assessed, we strongly recommend Option One or Two.