Can I come with my friend, my girlfriend, my dad?

No. Everyone comes solo.

Can I bring my pet?


Who else is going?

The two facilitators and a group of people you don’t know and who don’t know one another

Can I find out who’ll be there before the retreat?


How big is the group?

Eight to twenty people

Can anyone come?

Anyone who’s 21 or over!

Will I be the oldest/youngest/fill in the blank-est that’ll make me feel awkward? You might be the oldest, the only Democrat, the only vegetarian, the only parent, the only spouse. But you won’t feel awkward. We’re awesome at creating comfortable environments.

What’s the schedule?

Besides departure and arrival times, don’t worry about it!

What will we be doing?

Definitely no math problems. Other than that, just be prepared for awesomeness.

How long is the drive?

About two hours and 45 minutes to Michigan (there’s also a time change) and an hour and a half to Wisconsin.

If it makes logistical sense for me to meet you at the retreat—i.e., I live an hour from the location—can I do that?

The van ride is important for the group dynamic, as we get to know each other and discuss all things silly and serious. Ideally, you’d ride with us. But we’re also not going to make you drive three hours to Chicago if you live in the vicinity of the retreat; we’ll make it work even if you’re not able to drive with us.

If I’m flying, what airport should I fly into?

O’Hare is the best choice. Midway is also an option, though it’s farther from home base.

Can I come for part of the retreat?

No. It’s integral to the experience that you be present the whole time.

I’m a vegetarian/allergic to ______. Will there be food options for me?

Absolutely! Just let us know any dietary restrictions on your application.

Can I smoke?

No! Well, okay, outside. As long as you discard your butts in the trash.

Do I have to do physical activities like walking and yoga?

Yoga is part of LOY03 but is not part of LOY04. Fully participating in the retreat is highly encouraged and we will adjust every situation to the needs of the group.

Is this a religious retreat?


Can I attend a retreat if I’ve already been to one?


If I have to cancel, can I get a refund?

There are no refunds, so please make sure you can attend before applying.