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  • I’ve found my tribe! #LifeOfYes
  • Think you’re a caterpillar? You’re a butterfly! Let @sayahillman help you spread your wings. #LifeOfYes
  • It’s a cult and a frat, but in a good way. Drink the Mac & Cheese Kool-Aid! #community #un-networking
  • 12-min #TEDx on building the life you want in 12 steps via @sayahillman #LifeOfYes
  • Sick of bars, computers, awkward networking events as ways to meet others? Check out Mac & Cheese Productions!

Sleepaway Camp

  • Think “adult summer camp” sounds fun? Join the next #LifeOfYes camp via @sayahillman’s Mac & Cheese Productions
  • Strangers. No phone. Unknown destination & agenda. You come solo. Unmarked white van. #LifeOfYes Camp

Fear Experiment℠

  • Nervous to sing, dance, improvise,  or storytell? You’re PERFECT for #FearExperiment!
  • Embrace your suckage. Apply for #FearExperiment! Strangers do something they’re “bad” at in front of 700+.

Idea Potluck

  • 8 strangers. 6 minutes each. To do whatever they want. You watch. #IdeaPotluck #unnetworking
  • Rockstars from all walks of life get 6 mins each to do what they want. #IdeaPotluck #unnetworking

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Taking the networking out of networking, the dating out of dating, and the “I can’t . . . ” out of your vocabulary! Mac & Cheese Productions injects summer camp into adulthood. Just because we’re “old” doesn’t mean we can’t play capture the flag. Meet new people, challenge yourself, laugh more. Check out the various offerings at and the TEDx talk at

Sleepaway Camp

Life of Yes Sleepaway Camp: for those looking to rediscover creativity and rockstar-ness, in an environment where you feel at home with people you just met. Everyone comes solo. Unplugged. Everything is taken care of, you just show up. Led by Mac & Cheese Productions. As featured in the New York Times, SELF, and Forbes.

Fear Experiment℠

Want to shake up life, meet others, learn a new skill, AND be a rockstar?! Try Fear Experiment: people who are “bad” at a particular art form sign up solo to learn said art form with a group of strangers, rehearse for 2.5 months, and then perform in front of 700+ at the Park West. Art forms are dance, improv, a capella, storytelling, and stepping. You choose one. Led by Mac & Cheese Productions. More info:

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