Go to whichever payment option below you prefer. When asked for an email address to send the money to, enter: saya@macncheeseproductions.com (unless stipulated otherwise)
  • If it asks for a phone number, deselect that option/ignore
  • If it asks for a name, enter: Saya Hillman

OPTION ONE → Chase Quick Pay/Zelle (Chase customer; non-Chase customer)

  • Linked to your bank account
  • You do NOT need to be a Chase customer to use this option
  • Never any fees for either party
  • It may say you’re sending money to “Mac”; that’s ok!, that’s Mac as in Mac & Cheese Productions℠
  • If this is a recurring payment, highly recommend you set up your recurring payments now so that you can forget about ’em


  • The above link will take you to Saya (“Saya-Hillman”)
  • Pay using money you have in Venmo,  your bank account or debit card, or a credit card
  • No fees when you use your Venmo Balance, bank account, or debit card
  • There’s a fee when you use a credit card


  • The above link will take you directly to Saya’s page (“sayahillman”)
  • You can use your bank account, credit/debit card, or Paypal balance  
  • Choose send money to “friends/family” to avoid a fee OR if you don’t see that option, just don’t check “Goods & Services” (leave blank)
  • Note: Paypal no longer refunds fees even if a refund is given so make sure you do above correctly; if Mac & Cheese is assessed a fee, we’ll have to refund you and request another payment that now includes the Paypal fee we had to pay. If you’re unclear how to make sure a fee isn’t assessed, we strongly recommend Option One or Two.