PAY IT FORWARD: an umbrella


It started to rain heavily on my walk back from the gym today. I was a half a block from home when I saw two twenty-something year old gals waiting underneath the Metra tracks for the storm to pass.

We all know that feeling of being caught without shelter or without protection. Not a good one.

So I crossed the street and said, “Do you gals want this?” holding out my black and white polka-dot umbrella. “I live close by and have a ton at home.” (A symptom of hosting events — people leave their umbrellas behind and often don’t respond to my Lost & Found emails.)

With looks of surprise on their faces, the girls thanked me and accepted my offer.

I walked the rest of the way home wet but happy. Which was a wonderful reminder how easy it is to be nice to others.

Do you have a Pay It Forward story, where something nice was either done to you or by you and though you may never know, perhaps the goodness you put out into the world multiplied? I’d love to hear it! #pif