One of the most touching birthday gifts I’ve ever received

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Reasons I Love This Birthday Surprise

  1. Flowers!
  2. Surprise!
  3. Gift via local Chicago company Flowers for Dreams which is one of my favorites because they
    • started as an unassuming college project about making money AND a difference
    • organically transformed into an innovative business
    • saw a problem and addressed it
    • have accessible prices
    • chose to have every order benefit a local charity
    • provide gorgeous and unique bouquets
    • are bosses with their packaging! LOVE kraft paper and matching accessories
  4. Sent by two people who met via one of my offerings and who are now boyfriend-girlfriend and absolutely adorable together, Nick and Elyse
    • She came to a Fear Experiment℠ show that he was in
    • He caught her eye up on stage
    • She did Fear Experiment℠ the following round
    • They started hanging out
    • More and more and more
    • I’d get updates — “We held hands!” “We talked until 1 in the morning!” “We walked for hours!”
    • They became official
    • I’d get more updates — “We’re going to the Grand Canyon!” “He met my dad!”
    • They’re happy and enjoying each other and their journey

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5. Nick and Elyse use the ‘roll your eyes’ hashtag I monikered them (as one half of #Petaya, I approve! Don’t hate on sappy love)

6. The flowers were sent a day early because they know I’m teaching a productivity class tomorrow (that Elyse will be at and Nick has already taken) and didn’t want to disrupt. Be still my efficiency-loving heart!

7. I know that neither of them are millionaires and are both trying to save after months of unemployment, working multiple jobs, moving from the East Coast to Chicago…  While a gift from anyone is lovely and so appreciated, it tugs at my heart when people who could use that money on themselves in a variety of ways (rent! bills! treating themselves!) chose to spend a dime on me.

8. That me choosing to leap and be vulnerable and travel a path I forged myself (getting fired, starting a business, sharing my embarrassing moments and my suckage, ignoring “Are you sure about that?” thoughts and reactions) brought these two into my life who also chose to make huge leaps and share their successes and challenges with the world in a beautiful, genuine, this is me way that inspires others to leap and share and be themselves

Thank you, #Nilyse. I’m the lucky one in this relationship.

Nilyseya 4ever.

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