Life of Yes℠ Meetup

The best kind of networking is the kind that feels nothing like networking. Un-networking if you will. This group gathers on couches and armchairs to share ideas, goals, challenges, and support. It’s that simple.

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Real Experiences


  • Share ideas on how to live a Life of Yes!
  • Find inspiration and support in one another
  • Tap into others’ wide-ranging skills and experiences to enhance your own life and theirs


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Real Experiences

“This was a fabulous group of people and Saya is a wealth of information. She knows what’s happening in Chicago.”

“Such a rewarding experience!”

“It was the best meetup event I have attended thus far!”

“There’s no pressure, just support and lots of ideas. Lots of possibilities. This evening made me feel that I was moving forward.”

“Great energy, conversation and people.”

“Brilliant. Exactly what I was looking for. I came away with so much energy and eagerness to follow up on the wonderful ideas thrown into the room. Loved it.”

“The definition of community.”