We’ve finished our eight-week journey — now join us for a celebratory, inspiring gathering of people challenging themselves and sharing themselves via storytelling. An adult recital if you will. Students in this storytelling class are first time tellers and ready for YOU, their first audience! Each Teller will — nervously! excitedly! oh my god what am I doing’y! — share a true personal narrative crafted during our eight weeks together. (If you’re familiar with Fear Experiment℠ (FE), consider this Baby FE.) Feel free to have us be your dinner entertainment; eating and drinking during stories encouraged. Open to all ages but subject material may not be child-friendly.
This virtual event is not recorded for public consumption so make sure you join us live. You’ll need a video-enabled device with either wifi or cell service. Free to attend, registration required. Please release your ticket if plans change and you can’t make it (we always have a wait list). Stated times are CDT; adjust for your timezone if applicable.
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For more on the next storytelling class, an 8-week virtual journey open to anyone, anywhere, head here.