Life of Yes℠ Workshop: How To Live the Life You Want to Live

Life of Yes℠ Workshop

Though she doesn’t have an MBA, had $300 in her savings when fired, and has been just “figuring it out” as she goes along, Saya has run a successful “wouldn’t change a thing” business since 2004, and despite challenges, is blissfully happy 99% of the time. She shares her Life of Yes℠ philosophy, perfect for people eager to transform their lives. Her goal: to equip you with the perspective and tools to make changes in your life, where you’re in control of your own fulfillment and journey.

Saya shares personal anecdotes and the philosophies that have shaped her path, encouraging students to have “Aha!” moments and think proactively about how you can get the most out of life. You’ll leave not only with big-picture philosophies but also small-actionable steps you can apply immediately.

If you’re looking to answer “What do I want to do?” or “How do I get more out of life?” this class will get those wheels turning.


What to bring

A laptop/tablet is VERY useful but not mandatory. Note-taking materials strongly suggested, there is A LOT of info covered. Dinner/snack for yourself if you feel you’ll get hungry (eating during class a-ok!).


Mac & Cheese Productions℠ is located in Wicker Park, near Ashland and Division. Exact address sent upon registration.


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REFUND POLICY: there are no refunds, so make sure you can commit before you join us. You can transfer your spot to someone else at any point by logging into your Eventbrite account and updating the name and email; handling of payment is your responsibility.

“Saya set a wonderful energy for the class by breaking the ice and helping everyone get comfortable and acquainted. The steps she shared were inspiring. I left feeling uplifted with a renewed vigor and enthusiasm for taking my next steps. A very worthwhile class, recommended for anyone seeking an infusion of wild inspiration.”
“I enjoyed this class immensely! I was greatly inspired and moved multiple times from beginning to end. I was buzzing with so much excitement that I couldn’t fall asleep once I got home! Ideas and energy were just flowing through me.”
“This class goes above and beyond any expectations you think it will or can be. I was pleasantly surprised by how much I got out of this class. Saya’s unique approach on life is refreshing and her personal story is an inspiration.”
“Impressive to meet so many interesting people from all over the globe all interested in bringing more goodness into their lives. The class was extremely well thought out and full of laughter and useful information.”
"Saya was very friendly and welcoming from the moment I walked in. She shared stories that made her "human" rather than a polished presenter. Her steps for leading a life of yes were really helpful and inspiring and I've already started taking action on many of them! Highly recommend."
"Awesome, awesome, awesome! Accessible, relevant, and motivating content! And there was reflection time built in, to allow each student a bit of time to think about how each piece of the content applied to our lives/situation. Not just fluff... we left with an intentional action step! Highly recommend!"
"This class was awesome! I have been singing its praises everyday since last Wednesday. It was a spur of the moment decision and the best $ I've spent in a long time. I had so many "aha" moments throughout the class that it was uncanny...I met so many cool people as well...I came solo but didn't feel alone at all but surrounded by so many like minded people....YES for Living the life of YES!"