Blueprint Board Workshop

It’s not a Vision Board. It’s not a Dream Board. It’s not a Goal Board. It’s a Blueprint Board.

You start with a blank canvas and you fill it up with visual representations of where you’ll go and whom you’ll be in 2019. Not where you want to go or whom you want to be. But where you will go and whom you will be. Personally. Professionally. Spiritually. Romantically. Physically. Financially. Mentally. Whatever-ally.
There’s something magical that happens when you communicate your ideal life. Even for those that don’t believe in woo-woo magic. Let’s find happiness, direction, and fulfillment en masse. Cause working on ourselves amongst others working on themselves is all sorts of wonderful.
Worried that you don’t know where you want to go let alone where you’ll actually go? Don’t be. Your facilitator Saya, aka Accessible Oprah, is a dreamboat at getting you to foreign, scary, hidden places. She’s just the right blend of comfort and challenge, of letting you be and nudging.
Spend New Year’s Day crafting a Blueprint Board with yummy items like glue sticks, magazines, and stickers, sharing your path, and hearing where others are headed. An inspiring, hands-on experience to start the year off with a warm hug and sense of purpose and direction.

Things that are the best

If you dont agree that these things are the best, this offering isnt for you.
  • being in a room full of friendly, focused people in slippers and elastic-band pants
  • hearing that others also desire _____, struggle with ______, dream of _____
  • letting go of junk that/whom doesn’t/don’t serve
  • doing your own thing silently amongst others doing their own thing silently
  • mugs of warm libations
  • toe-tapping music at an appropriate volume
  • a homey loft with couches, armchairs, succulents, and a fire in the fireplace
  • gluesticks, markers, and a bevy of other non-computer screen hands-on, interactive items
  • being creative and artistic and arts & crafts’y
  • being creative and artistic and arts & crafts’y without judging yourself or others
  • an experience curated and led by Accessible Oprah
  • having a clear and realistic roadmap for the year ahead
  • accountability tools so that the inspiration and motivation don’t fizzle away
  • starting off a new year in a positive way


  • intro activities to set the vibe and get wheels turning
  • primary activity: blueprint board creation
  • shares, inspiration, and steps to ensure the blueprint board isn’t a dream board
All materials are included. There will be a communal table where you can give and take. But it’s ok if you just take.


To bring

  • your comfiest outfit, your makeup-less face, your hot mess hair
  • slippers/cozy socks – we’ll all be going shoeless

To bring (optional)

  • any favorite school supplies or arts & crafts supplies — pens, markers, stickers, craft paper, paper cutters, etc.
  • magazines — use this as an excuse to get rid of all those old magazines piling up at home
  • any snacks or drinks you’d like for yourself or to share; indulging is encouraged


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