What if there was a magical place that had all the grownup things you should know and do, in list, table, flowchart, & spreadsheet form? The boring, unsexy knowledge that by its simple possession makes you capital A Adult and thus an organized, efficient, proactive, sexy being.
👋🏾 Enter the Life of Yes℠ Adulting Kit. Now available.*

Won't be shared or anything, just in case I have follow up, clarification, etc.
Won't be shared or anything, just in case I have follow up, clarification, etc.
The more specific, the better! You think you're making people's jobs more difficult with specifics; it's the opposite. Telling me you want my text expansion snippets or password manager recommendation instead of telling me you want a my "tech tools" is much more helpful. Not promising you'll get what you want 😄 but why not ask? Specifically!

Sample Kit Inclusions

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Here’s the *… The kit is actually not available.
Saya thinks there’s interest. Y’all keep indicating your interest, going on years now. So Saya is enticed! and excited! to pull her Type A’ness and Best Friend’s Type A’ness from here and there and mesh it into that one magical space. Knowing her above and beyond tendencies, she will be heartbroken, deflated, and question her existence if she blood, sweat, and tears the kit and… crickets.
So she’s created the win-win scenario she’s known for where she’ll deliver the goods if you pre-commit to the goods. If the financial tipping point is reached, she’ll create and deliver the kit; if it isn’t, refunds will be refunded.
Here’s the second *… For the first time in her 18 years of self-employment, this offering is “Pay What You Want.”
Why would someone who so preaches “Pay people! Value people! Pay yourself! Value yourself! Add a zero to whatever rate you were going to charge!” allow people to potentially $1 her?
Saya’s curious about three things —
1) The market that says they’re there; are they?
2) How much do people (financially) value this literally priceless offering? Her? and
3) Is the reputation Saya thinks she has enough?
So, name your price for the entire kit (no a la carte). You have two weeks. Pre-ordering (and how you make the kit happen) closes March 22nd. Widget issues below? You can buy directly on Eventbrite.


Will there be more included than what’s above?
Hi, have you met Saya? 😂 On brand, most definitely. Er, more on brand (don’t make promises and don’t create self-stress), most probably.
What if you only want some of the inclusions?
🤷🏾‍♀️ Uh, don’t look at the ones you don’t want? Saya is creating one kit, not multiple kits based on individual preferences. This kit is about making life easyyyyyyy.
What format will the tools be in?
Whatever format makes the most sense for use and content. E.g. a personal budget is best done in a spreadsheet so you can simply drop in your numbers and the formulas will do their thing whereas recurring cleaning or event hosting tasks are simplified when in an uploadable Todoist template. (Don’t fret; if you don’t have Todoist, you’ll still find ’em useful. But seriously, why are not yet using Todoist?!)
What’s the financial tipping point?
Enough money to justify Saya’s digging, revising, and creating hours.
When will you hear from Saya?
She’ll send an update soon after sales end.
If the tipping point is reached, when will you get the kit?
🤷🏾‍♀️ Saya will work nose to grindstone. Saya also has learned to not set expectations or parameters.
You have questions that aren’t addressed here; what should you do?
If you don’t feel an immediate IN!, don’t participate.
Trying to convince people that goodness is good for them is not in the Mac & Cheese playbook.
Who is Saya and why is she the person to create this kit*?

Saya’s first conversation with her now husband was about their love of spreadsheets and they flirted via Gmail labels.

A Huffington Post article called Saya “Chicago’s productivity-guru,” she’s an Evernote Certified Consultant, and was featured in the Gmail Genius and Google Content Creator series. She’s run a successful business since 2004, filled with event curation, keeping track of and adhering to deadlines upon deadlines, collaborating with and managing thousands of people, being laid-back yet professional, and wearing various hats many of which do not match, all of which she has done with a smile on her face and an overall feeling of “I’ve got this.”

Fun and easy adulting can be done.

*Best Friend will also be adding his fabulousness to the kit. Personal finance! Veganism! Other stuff! Their wedding was a perfect glimpse into who they are, what they value, and what magic they can magic.