Not every reference needs to be from the WSJ

I would like to steal and claim as mine a line from a well-written and fascinating article about public radio,  specifically about the show This American Life – “It’s about life the way most of us experience it, where heartbreak or lunch is as important as stock prices or distant revolutions.”

That description resonates deeply with me.  I always say my interests are Seinfeld-esque.  Those every day routines and actions, performed by people with frizzy hair and acne, who drive Honda Civics and have homophobic Uncle Joes, that aren’t anything special singly but become fascinating because they’re universally experienced by us regular folk.  When you’re at a party and the conversation hits one of those awkward lulls, throw out an opinion about on-line dating or people who stop at the bottom of an escalator to tie their shoe or Trader Joe’s mango chicken sausage or loud grunters at the gym.  Chatter will commence immediately.

Not to negate discussions on the Sudan and healthcare.  But sometimes it’s nice, and ok, to rehash storylines from Teen Mom – how will Maci adjust to Nashville now that she and Kyle have broken up? – or discuss the secret gold-mine that is the Wholesale District, where you can buy adorable yuppie purses, jewelry, hair bows, and scarves at back alley prices.