New Address: Saya & Boyfriend, Chicago, IL

There are two car households.  Are there two refrigerator households?  My food fills mine, and I’m just not sure there’s room for any beer and chicken fingers.  Crossing fingers Boyfriend brings his own when he moves in on Saturday.

I’ve lived with guys before, but never of the romantic variety.  I have many thoughts and questions.

Are there two peanut-butter households? [heavenly creamy & why would you do that to yourself chunky]

Two toilet-paper households? [Scott just makes frugal-sense 1000 sheets per roll & Charmin waste of money thick-cut bacon depth 3 sheets per roll]

Two bread households? [refrigerated* or pantry-ed]

*I do not like cold bread, but a) it stays fresh longer and b) I always warm up my bread anyway.

I ate a pint of ice cream in one sitting earlier this week.  I have not done that in…years.  But a voice at Trader Joe’s said to me, “This is the last time you can consume a pint of ice cream in your home and not be judged.  Buy it!  Do it!”  Here’s to those days being over and that voice hopefully silenced; she’s stupid.

In my love of efficiency, I do not stir drinks that most others stir.  Hot cocoa?  Powdered mix in mug, hot water on top of mix, drink.  Lemonade?  Powdered mix in jug, cold water on top of mix, drink.  Coffee?  Coffee into cup, powdered creamer on top of coffee, drink.  Boyfriend hates this and makes a face to prove it each time I do it.  I hope he can internalize his gags and just accept my adorable tendencies.  The amount of time I save…

Exciting news!  You may know my strong feelings about beds, placement of and design of.  If you’re over twenty-six, your bed shouldn’t be in the corner; the only part that should touch the wall is the headboard.  Which of course you should have.  I’ve been able to complete those two parts of the Bed-Trifecta for years, but alas, the final segment has eluded me.  Size.  But with the ousting of my ten-year old IKEA full-size eyesore in exchange for Boyfriend’s queen-size adulthood splurge, I will finally be a card-carrying member of my own club.

I have lived alone for eight-ish years.  I’m an only child.  I’m self-employed and work from home.  I’m a Scorpio.  I’m the biggest fan of Saya-Time.  And Saya-Organization of Items.  And Saya-Chore Schedule.  And Saya-Fall Asleep with the Radio On.  And Saya-Adjust the Thermostat.  And Saya-Pull the Shower Curtain All the Way Open When Done Showering So Mildew Doesn’t Grow, It Doesn’t Make Sense to Do it Any Other Way.

Yet, the only thing I’m nervous about is that I’m not nervous.

Dear Life: Next Chapter, I’m ready!  And don’t tell Boyfriend, ready to compromise.  And giddily-excited.