Life’s to do list, cont.

1 – 32

33 – 45

46. Become a good public speaker

47. Be interviewed by a Brit (October 2009)

48. House swap with a Brit

49. Do anything with a Brit

50. Have a car with power-windows and locks – allowed myself one luxury when I bought Rosita in 2001 and decided on air conditioning; frugality sucks sometimes

51. Do a pull-up

52. Do crow pose – a year of yoga and it still eludes me

53. Get a teeny tiny nose stud

54. Learn how to play poker and host a regular poker night

55. Go for a week without putting my hair in a ponytail

56. See Patience, a 10 year old I met in Rwanda and whose education friends and I are sponsoring, graduate from college

57. Always be reading a book

58. See one of the kids I’ve taught succeed and escape the cycle of poverty (October 2009, work in progress)

59. Own a fire pit

60. Learn how to fix a flat tire, bike and car

61. Become better at hammering stuff

62. Learn my conversions – quarts, meters, Celsius, etc.

63. Posses better outside-of-the-US geographical knowledge – jump on this boat with me America!

64. Have a friend who owns a bar and stocks the jukebox with 80s music

65. Have a friend who owns a coffeehouse and stocks the shelves with board games