Life of Yes℠ tip: stop reading the damn book

I am a fast reader. But this bookmark has been in about the same spot for about a year and a half.

I just haven’t been able to get into this book —
I’ve brought it on trips. “Oh when I’m on the plane, I’ll definitely be into it.” Never opened it. And then felt annoyed I wasted packing space on it.
I keep it on my nightstand. “A chapter before bed, that’s the trick.” It’s collecting dust.
Everyone seems to love it. “It’s a NYT best seller.”
“But you loved his other two books. Give it a chance… ok, more of a chance… maybe it gets better.” It hasn’t. 

But I HAVE to keep reading it. Cause once you start a book, you HAVE to finish it.

Says whom?!?

This is an example of “silly stress” in my life. In comparison to other “real” stress, it is inconsequential. But, it is a thing. It makes me feel bad. On a continual basis. FOR A YEAR AND A HALF, every time I see this book, I feel that something is wrong with me, that I’m failing, inadequate. Which is ridiculous.

A) that I feel that way — who cares if it’s a NYT best-seller, that I loved his previous books, that I started it and don’t want to finish it?
b) that it’s taken me this long to move on

c) that I’ve put off books I’m excited to read because I won’t allow myself to enjoy them until I finish this beast

Very un-Life of Yes℠. Where I always preach, “If you’re feeling down, stressed, upset, take a gander at why and the source. Quite often, the negative feelings are from a self-created source. Most often, you can do something about it.” And “Don’t delay enjoyment. For any reason. Tomorrow is not guaranteed. Fill today with joy.”

So, so long Wally.

Think about all the “little” stresses in your life. They can add up. I encourage you to do a stress audit and if you have your own Wally, tell him, it’s time to go. And don’t feel bad about it.

Do you have a “little” stress in your life you can remove? Share in the comments, always helpful to hear what others struggle with and to hear how/if they deal said struggle. Even if the struggle is “stupid.”