It’d be nice to refamiliarize with the term “direct deposit,” but…

These are the things I no longer know, since leaving the 9-5 world five years ago for the Land of Self-Employment:

  • Paid vacation days
  • Paid sick days
  • Holiday parties
  • 401(K) contributions [from myself or my employer]
  • Guilt-free frivolous spending – unfortunately, I still spend frivolously, it’s just wracked with guilt
  • Office volleyball team
  • Health insurance with a $0 deductible; heck, health insurance with a deductible under $5000
  • Dental insurance
  • Co-worker happy hour
  • Regular income
  • A lot of income
  • Free office food left over from conferences and board meetings
  • Co-pays – everything’s out of pocket now
  • Water cooler gossip
  • A savings account that one can see without using a microscope
  • Bonuses
  • Hawaiian shirt Fridays
  • Summer hours

But this is my office, just outside my bedroom door.  And I get to go to Amsterdam for two weeks in July and still have as many vacation days as I want.  And yesterday I spent the day hammering and potting and Home Depot’ing and water-sealant’ing in the bright sun, with a thirty-minute break to watch the Office UK in a deck chair with a glass of iced tea, while footage transferred inside.  And I work shoeless, in shorts and a tshirt.  And I get to go to Trader Joe’s, yoga, and the post office on random Thursday mornings, leaving my weekends to be week-endy.  And I’m the happiest I’ve ever been.