Identifying and moving towards your light

Best Friend and I often ask people to do things that make them feel a bit nervous, icky, butterfly’y. And we keep doing it because of the end product. Every. Single. Time.

We’ve just returned from Life of Yes℠ Sleepaway Camp. One of those nervous, icky, butterfly’y scenarios.

No phones!

Unknown destination!

By yourself!

People you don’t know!

Unknown agenda!

Shared bathrooms!

Many of us choose Camp to gain clarity. On love. Career. Health. Relationships. Purpose. Steps. Future. Because fumbling in the darkness is a real, at times painful, thing. It’s easy to get stuck, to be paralyzed, to not know what direction to travel. To have no light which which to moth.

It’s a wonderful thing to come back from a weekend of strangers in such different places and on different journeys in their lives and say, “I felt comfortable. Supported. Heard. That I belonged. That I could be me. That I have a plan.”

It’s a wonderful thing to come back from a weekend in 3 degrees Somewhere Magical and say, “I felt warm.”

But our weekend isn’t the end product, is it? Now we get to grow relationships with these new people and we get to grow ourselves with the new knowledge, inspiration, and action steps gained in our short yet long 48 hours.

Here’s to a never attained end product, as we continuously shift and morph and pivot and backtrack and tiptoe forward and steam engine forward. However we move, we’re moving. We’re not staying still. Out of fear, uncertainty, comfort.

We’ve identified what it is, today, that we want. That may change. No need to think about the “What ifs?” There were always be What ifs.

What’s important is that we each now have a light that’s flickering in the distance and that we’re each moving towards the twinkles.

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