I’d be happy if…

You don’t need to spend any money to be more productive, creative, innovative, healthy, fulfilled, happy. Too often, I see people buying out of fear, as a delay tactic —

  • “I’ll quit my job once I read more books on starting my own business.”
  • “I’ll tell people I’m a life coach after I get certified.”
  • “I’ll start working out once I buy some new workout clothes.”
  • “I’ll date more after I attend a few more conferences on how to date more.”
  • “I’ll ask for that promotion after I go back to school.”
  • “I’ll confront my social anxiety after a few more sessions with my therapist.”
  • “I’ll declare myself a public speaker after I hire a web designer to make me a speaker site.”

Personal and professional development and stuff you pay for is good. Always be learning! Yes, hire others for their superpowers and support! Unless learning or hiring has turned into your excuse for why you’re not “doing.” Do the thing. Then as you’re doing the thing, sprinkle in the development and the purchases. You don’t need any of that to start. Just start.

Some things and some people cost money. Don’t say, “I’d be more productive, organized, successful, happy but I can’t afford XYZ.” There are enough free resources out there. Go to the library. Start your own mastermind group. Barter. Also, again, you don’t need more stuff, more knowledge, more hand-holding, more anything to do the thing. JUST DO THE THING and sprinkle as you go.

You got this, friend. No more excuses.


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