I may start burping and scratching myself inappropriately…

I’m worried about myself.

I was sick a couple of weeks ago and when feeling icky, enjoy dousing myself in ginger-ale/sprite-type beverages.  I also like comforting myself with, “Well, I can do _____ because I’m sick” — lay in bed and watch the Office UK for hours, skip the gym, ignore emails and phone-calls, eat macaroons for dinner, drink directly from the Fresca two-liter.  Now I can’t stop imbibing straight from the bottle, and weirdly find comfort in toting two-liters around with me, much like a child with her blankey.

I played poker [Texas Hold ‘Em?] for the first time on Saturday.  Though I think I completely screwed up on many hands, forgetting all the different rules – at one point, I folded with two Aces –  I did manage to win a couple.  Surprised at how much I enjoyed it.  And I say that after losing all my money [five dollars!].  For a cheapie to say she enjoyed losing money… what concerns me though is that at the gym yesterday, I was flipping through the channels and stumbled upon a poker tournament.  And unlike in the past where I would quickly keep stumbling, I stayed.  And watched poker on TV for an hour, mesmerized.  !!

Somehow I have transformed into a bottle-swigging, TV card-game tournament enthusiast.  Break up with me now.  This could get ugly.