Toe in water


After my Pecha Kucha presentation (PKN) a few nights ago, a guy asked me if my lists were available on-line and if I had a blog.  They weren’t and I didn’t.  Intrigued that a stranger would be interested in my lists and feeling a tad left out of the blogging realm, I’ve decided to test the waters.

What are these lists you speak of? I have random, oft-illogical, yet very strong opinions on many things, such as acceptable neighborhoods in which to live and in which to socialize, housing situations, employment, and people to date, and tend to make criteria lists for said categories.  I fully realize these lists are ridiculous and neurotic.  But one of the themes of my PKN talk was why not shoot for what you really want, not what you’ll settle for?  That philosophy has worked well for me.  The employment list I made when I left the nine to five world and knew I didn’t ever want a boss again and that I wanted to LOVE my job; four years of self-employment later, every bullet point is somehow incorporated into my professional life.  Regarding the housing list, where I live not only meets all of my criteria but exceeds it.  The boyfriend list, well let’s just say it’s a work in progress.  Only dating guys named Aidan kind of limits my options.