Happy Mother’s Day, thanks for the Lean Cuisine!

I was raised on organic peanut butter, the kind you have to refrigerate, the kind with oil at the top, the kind impossible to spread – the kind every kid hates.  Extrapolate that to every other food/beauty/household item and you’ve got my childhood.

What I had > What I Desperately Wanted

  • Tom’s Natural Toothpaste > Aquafresh
  • Organic peanut butter > Skippy
  • Egg noodles with hand-grated sharp organic cheddar > Kraft Mac ‘n Cheese
  • Odd-sized dolls with ugly clothes > Barbie
  • Reusable canvas bag > new plastic shopping bags that you could throw out and never use again
  • Brisket, green beans, and mashed potatoes from scratch > Swanson fried chicken, corn, and brownie TV dinner
  • Nature’s Own shampoo > Salon Selectives shampoo

But I realized something yesterday as I excitedly and guiltily opened up a 280 calorie Lean Cuisine.  I’ve been so indoctrinated with the belief that processed/frozen is bad and fresh/local is good, I now view such not-so-bad for you items like frozen dinners [the healthy ones] as treats.  Which is not-so-bad for my waistline.  Thanks Mom.