What’s the goal of a Mingler?

Expanding your network—professional, social, romantic—by making new connections in a comfortable and unique way.

Where do Minglers happen?

In the Roscoe Village neighborhood of Chicago, near Belmont/Ashland (exact address sent when you register). Close to the Brown Line, with easy street parking.

Is this a dinner party?

No; make sure you eat dinner beforehand! We’ll have snacks and drinks, but it’s about meeting others and not so much about the grub. And, no, mac ‘n cheese is not actually served.

Is this a dating service?

No. Do people get dates out of it? Yes!

Is this an employment service?

No. Do people get jobs out of it? Yes!

Can I come with a friend or significant other?

No. One of the things that make Minglers unique is the fact that no one knows anyone else. This levels the playing field and puts people at ease: you don’t have to worry about coming by yourself because everybody will be there solo!

What do Minglers cost?

$15 plus a drink or snack to share (you’ll get a request to bring a certain item about a week before the event).

How do I pay?

Once your spot is confirmed, you’ll receive payment instructions.

When will I be invited to a Mingler?

Minglers typically happen once or twice a month. Everyone receives notification of an upcoming Mingler at the same time and then it’s first come, first served (caveats: if someone you know is already coming, you’ll have to wait, and I try to have equal numbers of men and women at each event).

If matchmaking isn’t your primary goal, why do you strive for equal numbers of men and women?

It’s a different dynamic. There always seems to be a great vibe in a balanced crowd.

Can I come to more than one Mingler?


What happens at a Mingler?

People chatting, getting to know each other, sharing snacks and drinks, playing games, exchanging contact info . . .

When are the Minglers?

Friday and Saturday evenings starting at 8:00 or 8:30.

How long do Minglers last?

However long people choose to hang out/until Saya kicks you out. The average Mingler breaks up around midnight, but people have stayed as late as 4:30 a.m.

What do I bring?

  • A ready-to-meet-new-people vibe
  • Your assigned snack or drink
  • Business cards, if you’d like

Is it BYOB?

You only need to bring a drink if that’s the item you’re asked to contribute. Otherwise, there’ll be plenty to share!

How many people will be at the Mingler?

Maybe 10, maybe 50. But usually 20–30. 

What if I’m a shy person? Will I feel uncomfortable with a bunch of people I don’t know?

Remember, everyone’s in the same boat: nobody knows anybody at the start of a Mingler!

That often elicits a freeing sensation that you can be whoever you want to be.

What should I wear?

This is not a suit/stiletto heels/buy a new outfit evening. Your host will most likely be in flip-flops and jeans. Dress for comfort!

What kinds of people come to the Minglers?

Average age is early to mid-30s, though past participants have ranged from 22 to 65. Most attendees live in the city; most are single, but people who are dating/married come as well; attendees are both gay and straight. Professions range from teachers to financial consultants to nonprofit managers to police officers.

I’m gay. Can I sign up?

Of course!

I’m part of a couple. Can I sign up?

Of course! But to maintain the popular dynamic of no one knowing each other, you’ll have to leave your significant other at home.

Can you tell me specific things about the Mingler I’m attending [will I be the oldest one there? How many guys are coming? How many guests will be there? etc.]?

No. Don’t stress about details. Just come to have a good time!

Are you in cities other than Chicago?

Not at the moment—but if you’re interested in bringing Minglers to your city, head here.