Family Reunion Facilitation


“Saya and Pete would be awesome additions to any family gathering or reunion! I very much appreciated the ease with which they got our various ages and personalities together to play some crazy funny games during our recent reunion in San Diego. They both have such an easy-going, friendly manner with people which is great for breaking the ice for folks who haven’t seen each other in a long time or have never even met each other.”

“At my husband’s recent 5-year annual family reunion that included folks from Texas, Colorado, Boston, and California, I felt so included and left the event as though I was an actual blood relative. I spent 3-days with 28? people and felt as though I spent the time with my best friends. Thanks to Saya and Pete, activities were available throughout the weekend. Ages 5 to 88 interacted throughout the time together. Introverts chose to participate or not. There was never pressure to interact. It was amazing to “hang-out” AND  really get-to-know each other! The kiddos were not glued to a computer screen, I didn’t find myself needing to escape to my email and social media, and I didn’t have to escape to find sanity.  I realized that families can benefit from facilitators that have a passion to lead and help create joy in people’s lives.”

“I recently had the pleasure of attending a family reunion with Saya and Pete. They added so much fun and enthusiasm to the gathering!  Saya is a seemingly never ending source of fresh ideas for interactive and inclusive activities that had the whole group (kids to elders) engaged together. You know when someone is really REALLY good at something? They make it look so easy. That’s really true for Saya and Pete. What a joy they both are in every way.” 

“Saya and Pete successfully led our family through a weekend of fun and games. They teach new games and effectively lead well known games. Something for everyone and each occasion. They infuse their enthusiasm for fun into the whole weekend, whether it was engaging young or old in conversation, activities, games or outings. Their genuine passion for connecting people and interacting with all ages is contagious. Pete and Saya are great listeners and easily engage with those around them, are great at logistics and attending to every detail of a gathering and/or reunion, and are resourceful in finding the right activity/game/food opportunity for the occasion and the intended audience. Pete and Saya’s love for trying new things and doing so fearlessly is infectious.”


We provide structured, low-key, easy, impactful opportunities for joy, personal growth, reflection, and connection.

This service was birthed out of Saya facilitating at her own family reunion a few years ago, when she had almost 100% participation, even from the “I hate the spotlight!” folks, and where people who had known each other forever learned new things about one another. It was refreshing and captivating, not to mention plain ‘ol fun.

Option One – DIY

We create a detailed plan you can implement yourself at your reunion. Includes materials list, schedule, and activity instructions and goals.

Option Two – Sit Back & Enjoy Yourself

We take complete charge and show up with the materials, agenda, and facilitator-hats. Saya & Pete join you at your reunion and handle everything, from shopping for glue-sticks to activity set-up/breakdown to facilitation. Happy to snap photos for you as well!

Note that travel planning — accommodations, transportation, etc. — is not included in either option.

Bonus Service

Saya & Pete are productivity and tech whizzes. Nothing makes us sadder than inefficiency. If you’d like us to wrangle all the photos and videos captured on everyone’s phones, plus the genealogy Powerpoint Uncle Bob created and the family recipes from Aunt Jan, and share them with everyone with simple download instructions even Grandpa can follow, we’d love to help.

We can also digitize non-digital items at the reunion and include this in the post-reunion share.

You can note your interest on your inquiry form.

The Process

  1. You fill out the inquiry form below
  2. We send you a proposal including structure and fee
  3. Contract is signed and deposit paid
  4. You and Saya have a discussion to ensure we create something that meets your needs and wishes
  5. Reunion awesomeness!