Falling into bed with a satisfied sigh

What going out tonight made me thankful for –

  • Going to see someone in an improv show at a bar that involved walking two blocks to the Belmont bus, which I had to wait thirty seconds for, and then walking four blocks to the bar – city life!
  • Getting unsolicited help from a fellow bus-rider putting on a necklace that I was unable to clasp shut
  • Planning to stay somewhere for an hour or so, but staying for four hours due to laughter and interesting conversation
  • Knowing only one person at the bar at the beginning of the night and eight-ish people fairly well by the end of the evening
  • Being able to keep up with improv slang – callbacks, yes and, group mind, the Harold…
  • Meeting and really liking friends of a friend, and a new friend at that
  • Living in a neighborhood that allows me transportation options – getting from Boystown to Bucktown is not CTA-friendly, so I took the bus back home, got my car and drove to Cortland’s Garage for a friend’s party; returned to a parking space right in front of my place