Eating chocolate blind

I was chatting with a teacher at one of my schools early one morning when I noticed his eyes darting back and forth between my eyes and my chin.

“You have a little bit of chocolate right there,” he said, pointing to the nether-region of my face.

Embarrassed to a) be a chunky girl with food on her face and b) be a human being with anything on her face, how hard is it to look in the mirror?, I nodded knowingly – of course there’s chocolate on my face –  quickly wiped my hand across my chin and replied, “Oh yeah.”  Giggle giggle.  I can’t believe I left the house like this, though not surprising.  I love chocolate.  And feel bad when I eat it, so often consume it in odd ways.  Quickly.  Eyes closed.

But as we parted ways, I perplexedly walked to the studio.  I hadn’t eaten chocolate in… days?  When was the last time?  A pudding.  That was like, last Wednesday.  Did I leave the pudding lid in bed and roll in it last night?  In a stress-coma, did I not only swap chocolate-peanut butter with my lotion, but proceed to moisturize with it?

And then I had the same feeling as when I walked home from Schuba’s one night, after a few drinks, and stood in front of a business on Southport for ten-minutes staring at the words painted on its window – Blind Cleaning Service.  Wow!  That’s such a wonderful thing they’re doing, giving jobs to people who can’t see.  And what an undertaking, cleaning without the ability to see!  I wonder how they do that.  How do they see where to dust?  If they’ve gotten all the lasagna out of the pan? That training must be fascinating and really in-depth.  I’m not sure I’d hire a blind maid.  But kudos to people who do.

The next morning, I popped up in bed and exclaimed, “Ohhhhh!  Blind Cleaning Service.  Like blinds.  On a window.”

And that’s how I felt when I realized the teacher had said, “You have a little bit of chalk right there.”

What kind of life does one lead when she’s told at 8AM on a Thursday that she has chocolate on her face and it doesn’t phase or surprise her?