Easiest way to grow your business? A Dutch bike, a prezi, and laughs.

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If iTunes spent as much time and money releasing a cure for _____ as it does releasing new versions of iTunes, there would be no more _____.


I have tired of people needing a “click here” after a brightly colored underlined phrase.  Color underlines = “this is a link, click on me if you want more info.”

Thought #2

AOL/yahoo/hotmail accounts are to gmail as powerpoint is to prezi.  Old school vs. welcome to 2011; stop listening to your discman!  Gave my first prezi last week, so fun to create, hopefully fun to watch.

Lessons Learned After Seeing Seven Presentations in a Week

You think that by talking fast you’re doing the audience a favor, that you’re communicating “I know your time is precious, I’ll get through this quickly so you can go on with life.”  But all you’re communicating is that your words aren’t worth the audience’s time, which makes the audience feel like you’re wasting its time.

Not only do you get winded by fast-talking, the audience gets winded by it as well.

You think by saying “Please interrupt me, ask questions” that it’s ok to speed-talk, but no one does or feels they can.

Don’t apologize.  It makes you sound unprofessional and like you’re not an expert.  You are skilled and wonderful and full of goodness, that’s why you’re up there.  Own it.

Why has talking during presentations become so prevalent!?!?!  People were talking during an instructor trying to teach a class and during a facilitator trying to lead a discussion.  Whispering doesn’t make it ok.  Leaning in close to the person you’re talking to doesn’t make it ok.  Jot down the amazing thought! you had so you can communicate it at an appropriate time.

Phones on vibrate are as disruptive as phones that ring.

I need to take heed of these lessons learned, especially that of the fast-talker.

Business Tip

I’ve noticed an interesting yet random yet I’ll take it! business trend sweeping Chicagoland.  Regardless of what type of business your business is, place a Dutch bike [aka a cruiser or an upright] in a prominent position [aka the front window].  I first noticed it with Homemade Pizza a few years ago and since then, various others in the city.  Folk are catching on to how awesome the Netherlands are.  Let’s be honest — I’d definitely pick the tax-attorney with a Dutch bike in his lobby than the one without.

Laugh-Filled Info Session = Laugh-Filled Thing the Info Session Was Giving You Info On

If the information sessions about a service you offer look this fun, that service has GOT to be pretty amazing.  I’m pretty stoked to be offering a ridiculously fun and unique way for strangers to meet others, challenge themselves, perform at the Park West in front of 700, and make genuine, life-lasting relationships.  Fear Experiment [FE] info sessions this week and next week [attendance at one is mandatory to participate].

FE Participant: “I’d probably rank my experience in FE as one of the top 5 best experiences of my life.  It’s very rare to meet so many amazing, adventurous, open-minded, and accepting people when you’re an adult.”  Amen sister.

Two Jobs I Would Like

Live-tweeter and live-artist.

The former, you get paid to go to an event and tweet about it as it’s happening.

The latter, you get paid to go to an event and sketch about it as it’s happening.  The above was created by an attendee of Potluck 1.0, an event Boyfriend and I threw a couple of weeks ago.  Smashing success!  Keep an eye out for 2.0.

The crazy thing is these ARE real jobs.

Have a lovely week friends!