Does everyone want to entrepreneur on their laptop in Amsterdam?!?!

As I finished a book this morning in bed, Craving Success: a startup junkie’s path from passion to profits, I had one of those moments where you feel like someone is living inside your head as he/she shares your exact thoughts with your exact words —

You know how people always ask that question, “if you could change anything about your life right now, would you?”  I’m happy to say I wouldn’t.  I have a working life that allows me to practice a style of doing business that is engaging and motivating.  I do what I want, when I want to do it.  I don’t use an alarm clock because I live naturally.  If I can work ’til 2am and get up everyday at 10am I am happy.  If I can travel to Amsterdam with my husband and a laptop and continue my business (or start a new one there) I am even happier. – Melody Biringer, founder of the CRAVE company

In the past almost seven years of self-employment, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve cited the fact that I wake with the sun not with an annoying beep as one of the great perks of being one’s own boss.

Ever since our trip to Amsterdam, Bruges, and Paris last summer, and our first professional collaboration [smashing success!  Sold out 700 seats at the Park West], I’ve wanted nothing more than to travel the world with Boyfriend, entreprenuring in London, mingling in Germany, Fear Experimenting in New York.  Me leading underground supper clubs and adult summer camps, him leading corporate improv sessions and bike the brewery tours, as we grow our businesses and perhaps start some news ones via our Mac Book Pros*, seated in a European coffeehouse booth in jeans and flip-flops, preparing for a day of sight-seeing followed by a night of connecting folk to folk.

A great travel blogger recently asked me about what my dream is for a post she’s working on, if I’m living it, and if not, what’s holding me back.  My answer was basically that yes, I’m living my dream; my one tweak would be to add more travel.

I’ve been kicking around adding that component for awhile, as I’ve been approached numerous times about taking my world to the rest of the world.  This morning, after reading Melody’s thoughts on scalability and her ideal work scenario, I had one of those just do it! moments.  Too soon to say if it was life-changing, but the wheels are turning and the adrenaline is rushing.

Excited for Mac ‘n Cheese On the Road!  Mac ‘n Cheese International!  Mac ‘n Cheese Remote!  I’ll work on the title.

But weeeee!  Exciting.  And scary.

*No, he still doesn’t fit Boyfriend Criteria, stubborningly refusing to go Mac over PC.  Working on it.