Hooray, excited to work with you. And very much appreciate you wanting to work with me.

One on one consulting is $185/hour or $500 for four one hour sessions (price break of $240).

Next Steps

  • Book me below
  • Shoot me a note that includes —
    • if you want to chat in person, phone, or Zoom
      • if in person, we’ll meet at Mac & Cheese (1231 N. Honore Street)
      • if by phone, include your number in your note
      • RE Zoom: some people are tired of being on camera, some prefer it — your preference!
    • if you choose multiple sessions, what timeframe structure you’d prefer
      • one 4 hour session, two 2 hour sessions, or four 1 hour sessions
    • if you have any standing unavailable times
  • Once booking and your note come through, I’ll send over a few date/time options
  • We chat!

Refund, Cancellation, “I’m Running Late!” Policy Reminder

  • Refund Policy: no refunds
  • Cancellation policy: you’ll get a full credit for future sessions if you cancel before 48 hours from our meeting. If you cancel within the 48 hour timeframe, there is no credit.
  • Late policy: the clock starts at our agreed upon time. If you’re late, that eats into your time and the session will still end at the agreed upon end time.

Book Saya

Go to whichever payment option below you prefer and when asked for an email address to send the money to, enter: saya@macncheeseproductions.com (unless stipulated otherwise)
  • If it asks for a phone number, deselect that option/ignore
  • If it asks for a name, enter: Saya Hillman
  • When asked for an amount, enter: $185 (one 1 hour session) or $500 (four hours, structured as you prefer)

OPTION ONE → Chase Quick Pay/Zelle (Chase customer; non Chase customer)

  • Linked to your bank account
  • You do NOT need to be a Chase customer to use QuickPay
  • Never any fees for either party
  • It may say you’re sending money to “Mac”; that’s ok!, that’s Mac as in Mac & Cheese Productions℠


  • The above link will take you directly to Saya’s page
  • You can use your bank account, credit/debit card, or Paypal balance  
  • Please choose send money to “friends/family” to avoid a fee OR if you don’t see that option, just don’t check “Goods & Services” (leave blank)
  • Note that Paypal will not refund fees so MAKE SURE YOU FOLLOW ABOVE


  • The above link will take you to Saya (“Saya-Hillman”)
  • Pay using money you have in Venmo,  your bank account or debit card, or a credit card
  • No fees when you use your Venmo Balance, bank account, or debit card
  • 3% fee when you use a credit card