CHEESE-IT GIVEAWAY: 24-hour Divvy Passes

I’m a huge bike-share fan. Whenever I travel, it’s one of my favoritest ways to explore. You can see my in-depth post about why Best Friend and I are members though we both have our own bikes.

The gist? It’s totally worth it!

How bike-shares work

If you’re not a member, you pay a fee usually in the $7-$10 range for a 24 hour pass, during which you can use any of the bikes an unlimited amount of times.

If you are a member, you pay an annual fee usually around $75, which allows you to take as many rides as as you’d like over the year.

The one caveat with both options is that you have to re-dock every 30 to 60 minutes (depending on what city you’re in, Chicago is 30). This keeps people from keeping the bikes out all day. Their main use is for getting from Point A to Point B.

Where I’ve bike-shared thus far

  • Norway
  • Denver
  • Toronto
  • Montreal
  • Savannah (they have two docks, compared to Chicago’s 400+?; it was adorable and hilarious)
  • Nashville
  • Kansas City
  • I tried in NYC but the blizzard caused alternate plans

We just pulled-porked our way through Kansas City last weekend and enjoyed a lovely ride along the river, in a nature park, and through an adorable neighborhood thanks to B-Cycle.

I love to find coffeehouses near docks and coffeehouse-hop my way through a new city. That’s how my Nashville coffeehouse-referral list was created.

Mac & Cheese and Divvy

Chicago’s bike-share Divvy has been a lovely Mac & Cheese partner for a few years now, offering hundreds of Cheese-Its the chance to test out the bright blue bikes. Thus, I’ve got a gaggle of 24-hour passes to gift you, sweet friends.

To snag a free pass:

  • comment below and share a way you’re living a Life of Yes℠ — need a refresher on what that means?
  • I’ll choose winners till I’m tapped out, replying to your comment with a congrats and a note for you to keep an eye on your inbox for your code
  • you’ll enter your code at any dock when you’re ready to use your 24-hour pass
  • the codes expire July 31st

If after trying Divvy out you decide you’re IN!, if you use this link to join, we both get a free month of membership. Bike-sharing is my jam. I want it to be yours as well.

My one wish is that the bike-share companies were connected so that I can use my membership wherever I go and not have to keep signing up and doling out money in new cities. Other than that, I’m in love.

And I want you to be in love too.