Cheap ‘n easy remedy for stress

Yesterday I did two out of the ordinary things, which both turned out to be lovely and now are on my “Do more often” list.

I had to drop off a DVD at a client about two miles away.  Decided to forego the car and ride my bike, which I use often in my personal life but not so much when my work-hat is on.  Then, instead of taking bus-filled, car-filled, strip mall-filled, Mexican restaurant with ugly neon signs-filled Ashland, which perhaps would’ve been faster, I took leafy, quaint Greenview.  Instead of a focused get from Point A to Point B, blinders-on attitude, I meandered and noticed gorgeous architecture and a tree filled with pink flowers.  Instead of curses for weaving black sports cars driven by men with too much hair gel and button-down shirts with too many top buttons unbuttoned, appreciation for this amazing city filled my heart.  Instead of a roll of eyes at bank after bank after bank, there was a smile at a teeney corner bar that I didn’t know existed called “Side Street Salon,” where I just know an elderly man named Slim who calls everyone “Darlin” sits inside, on HIS stool, drinking Schlitz, waiting for his next Connect Four opponent.

Yes.  I will be biking and enjoying more.