Best Friend & Best Friend: a magical start to something magical

Best Friend and I have been kicking around the idea of a podcast. Then we get distracted by french fries and travel deals.

Then we go to a conference where everyone’s all “You’ve gotta be on YouTube!” and we think, “Yeah, YouTube!” Then we get hired to do Workplace Camp and focus on nothing else but curriculum-creation and making employees enjoy acting like seals in front of their bosses, and bosses in front of their employees.

Then people in New York and Amsterdam ask about being able to partake in our goodness even though they don’t live in the 312 area code and we’re all “World Domination! Passive income! Webinars! Spreading Life of Yes℠ without having to wear pants! Yeah!” Then he annoys me with his loud chewing and I annoy him with my ridiculous “take out the garbage” demands, and we want nothing to do with one another, let alone work collaboratively on a creative project.

But after a couple of weeks in Belize, an impactful week of hosting impactful events, a silly “Let’s pretend we’re rich!” freebie staycation at London House, and a string of low-key days, we felt energized and motivated.

And thus, dear Cheese-Its, seven years into our relationship, three years into our marriage, we’re so proud to share what we hope is the start of something powerful and inspiring. A place you return when you’re looking for warm hugs, high-brow intelligence, and actionable actions to live your best life. Oprah 2.0?

All press, speaking engagement, and sponsorship inquiries can be directed to our manager. (If it seems like you’re just sending a note to me, be assured, the note is actually going to the highest-higher up in the company who has tons of important credentials)

If you have any selection committee connections — Peabody? Emmy? Nobel Peace Prize? MacArthur Genius Grant? — we’d love an intro. We believe, hands down, that this is our best work and something the world will want more of.