Best city ever?

Yesterday was one of the loveliest days I’ve had in awhile and it ended with an affirmation of why I love this city.  Rode my bike down to a free concert in Millennium Park, where two bands played as a part of Music Without Borders.  I really dug the first one, The Very Best from South Africa.  You couldn’t help but move to the beat.  The skyline as a backdrop was breathtaking.  And for all the controversy over the Park and it going a gazillion dollars over budget during construction, it is an amazing venue.  The lawn was filled with blankets and baskets, twirling kids with wild hair, and bare feet.   My favorite aspect was the diversity of people – age, race, ethnicity, local vs. out of towner, solo vs. group.  One big rainbow mix!  People drank without being drunk, people sang and swayed without being annoying, people cuddled without being gross, people chatted without being intrusive.  Cell phones were away, my new “blanket in a bag” is perhaps the best invention ever, and the whole evening cost nothing.

And now for a day of playing hooky with a friend.

Just lovely.