Baring your soul is easier when everyone is in slippers

Had a lovely event last night at Mac ‘n Cheese that resulted in the renaming of this blog.

A group of people, most of whom didn’t know each other, spent a snowy Chicago evening chatting all-things dating.

We began with nibbles, sips, and intros, while sitting in a circle on couches and armchairs. An accountant to a teacher to a glass-blower to a financial-aid director to an electrician.  Bridgeport to Uptown.  Mid-twenties to mid-forties.

We watched my sixty-minute documentary dating rubik’s cube [sixty-second trailer below]

and then led by “this gal knows what she’s doing” Keri Christensen of Spire Coaching, had a very open, funny yet deep, educational discussion on relationships.  How you meet people, loneliness, your ideal partner, must-haves, dealbreakers, oh my god! how will I be able to live with someone I’ve been on my own for so long…

It was refreshing for strangers to share themselves so freely.  No judgement.  No hesitation.  Uber-support.  Genuine interest.  And in slippers!

Strangers in slippers.  I like that.

I asked everyone to keep me/us updated on how their dating lives progress; can’t wait to hear what 2012 has in store for these quality-folk…