And curtain.

Aieee, it’s been too long since I last posted.  I don’t know how the world has continued spinning without a snarky opinion on something that doesn’t matter at all.  But the past few weeks have been crazy with Dance Experiment-ness.

One of the best experiences of my life, yet unexpectedly time-consuming!  Extra rehearsals, coordinating volunteers who helped at the ticket booth, as ushers and photographers, buying gifts, keeping track of ticket purchases, editing video, trying to convince the venue not to make me find a new venue three weeks from the shows, burning DVDs and CDs, making sure the tshirts, the pizza, the programs, the dancers all got to where they were supposed to be when they were supposed to be, and on and on…  all worth it.

Since our two performances on April 8th and 9th – 350 people came out! – heartwarming reactions have been pouring in, including many notes of comfort, due to AV issues at Friday’s show which had me in tears backstage.  Simply amazing, to be shrouded in such support and love, much of it from complete strangers!  Here are just a few —

Blog post by a friend of one of the dancers

Blog post by the grandmother of one of the dancers

Because of you and dance experiment I was inspired to do something that scares the shit out of me! I played softball last night in a co-ed league…..and just ordered a meal outside and ate by myself!!!

I volunteer for a Film Festival that I think your final documentary would fit into perfectly.  I know that your adventure and the positive energy displayed by all would be a fabulous addition to the Film Festival.  I truly enjoyed the evening and would love to help create the same for a wider audience!

I just wanted to send a quick little note to tell you how much I enjoyed Friday’s performance!  I am a close friend of Racine’s and had been anticipating the final show since she first told me about it!  Everyone was awesome and the Marconi kids touched my heart.  I am thinking (if it’s not too late) that I might just want to try my hand, or feet rather, at the next session.  If you could forward on any information you have, I would really appreciate it!

Congrats on such a successful production of The Dance Experiment! I totally agree with the dancer who said when you come up with an idea people just latch on. You make everything seem like a ton of fun and definitely worth trying.

As for screen malfunctions, consider this: each night, the theater was filled with Two Degrees of Saya. Everyone was a direct contact of yours or a friend of a contact. So really, everyone somehow knows who you are and what you do and came out to watch because they are in some way in awe of your determination. The fact that something went wrong with the video can’t possibly be as important as what went right on the stage.  You’ve run a Marathon, so you know – what it’s like to see how far you can push yourself four months; how many perfect strangers are willing to get up incredibly early and stand around just to applaud you for exercising. That’s what I saw happening on the stage – 17 first Marathons; 17 huge accomplishments by 17 really gutsy, determined people. And I’m pretty damn sure that the whole audience, that collective Two Degrees of Saya, would agree.  How lucky for the rest of us that, when you run with life, you don’t mind if we “draft” behind you.

I didn’t expect to do a Dance Experiment 2, but I’ve gotten tons of “Sign me up!  I want to do the next one” comments.  Come Fall/Winter, I think we’ll give it another go.