40 strangers + adorable kids and giving adults + 37 strangers = ahhhh.

What a weekend!

Friday night I had the biggest Mingler to date, with forty guests.  Some newbies, some repeaters, all interesting and with such different backgrounds!  They heard about the Minglers through ABC’s 190 North,  TimeOut Magazine, Boston College friends of mine,  guitar class, an arts organization I work with, and my current favorite “How’d your hear about these?” story, through doing research on me for an NPR assignment.  Had a blast.  Caught myself a couple of times thinking, “Seriously?  I make a living having people over for food, drink and games?  And look!  They look like they’re having fun!”  So appreciative that there are so many people willing to try something a bit different and perhaps a bit scary.

Perhaps not the wisest decision to schedule a Mingler the night before coordinating a coat drive at a west side elementary school at 8AM the next morning, especially when the last guests don’t leave till 2AM, meaning I don’t get to bed till 3AM.  Oh well, run on fumes.

Perhaps not the wisest decision to host an amazing food-networking experience the night after a Mingler and the same day as a coat drive.  Especially when the last people out the door leave at 12:30AM, meaning I’m not in bed until 1:30AM.  But it was amazing!  Partnered up with Clandestino, an underground supper club, one of the trends spreading across the nation.  Chef Efrain concocted a menu using ingredients all found within 200 miles of Chicago and with a motley crew of helpers, served up a delish dinner for thirty-seven guests at my place, while I babbled inane stories to the guests and subjected them  to activities to help them get to know one another.  People came solo, in couples, in groups.  Wide range of ages, jobs, interests, personalities.  All so friendly!  Again, the feeling of “Really?!?  Is this what I do?”

Perhaps not the wisest decision to go to a 9:30AM yoga class after two days of little sleep and much hostessing.  But I made it.  Even rode my bike down since it was so balmy out!  (30 degrees.)

Dead tired Sunday night.  But worth it.  Satisfaction level, satiated.