This year, you can actually take action on my great advice

Last year, to much fanfare, ohhhs and ahhhs, “I’m doing this next year!”, I shared a Thanksgiving lesson applicable to everyday life. But it was the day before Thanksgiving, so a bit late for most folks to do anything with my life-changing insight.

This year, I gotchu.

Consider this your well in advance, “for the planner in you” Thanksgiving PSA — order a turkey that someone else makes!

I placed my Smoke Daddy order today — “20 lb smoked turkey, to be picked up at the Wicker Park location, hot and carved”. Hot and carved, friend. Hot and carved. I cannot emphasize this enough. This means that all I have to do is unwrap the foil and add a serving utensil.

Orders must be placed by noon on November 17th.

If anyone buys a cooked turkey this year, please selfie with said bird and tag me. I wanna witness the glory that is delegation and money well spent.