Thank you world for making me feel cute today

So often I or a friend will say, “Ugh, it’s such a fat day.”  You feel ugly, sluggish, undesirable, pudgy, rotund, your clothes are tight and bunch in all the wrong places, you have sausage toes, sweat is coming out of every pore, you smell like asparagus water, your hair won’t listen to your pleas to remain calm and unfrizzed.  Today is not one of those days!   Today is a skinny day.

  • I was asked to suggest some Chicagoans for a project (requested to keep the project mum for now).   Some of the list I submitted are youth with whom I’ve worked.   Their teachers shared their reactions with me today; the kids are besides themselves with excitement that they were chosen.  It’s warming to bring a little bit of goodness to youngns who deal with gangs and homelessness and poor academic skills and low self-esteem and [insert low -income, inner-city stereotype] on a regular basis.
  • I not only have consumed a small fruit-farm today, making me feel fresh and healthy and less guilty about last night’s late-night cheeseburger, but I have tubs of cut-up watermelon and pineapple in the fridge.  The one reason I would like to get married is to have someone to cut produce for me.  I hate chopping, peeling, making big things smaller, and would be ridiculously happy if someone said to me, “Yes I promise to be faithful and love you til death do us part, but more importantly, I promise to keep a fully-stocked fridge of sliced strawberries and washed lettuce for you.”
  • Jasmine invited me to her eighth-grade graduation.  From precocious third-grader whom I had to continually pull out into the hallway to “deal with,” to young lady about to enter high school.  There’s an answer to the question, “Does volunteering really accomplish anything?”  I don’t know if it’s done anything for her, but it certainly has for me.  Filled-heart.  Can’t wait to see her accept her diploma.
  • In my video class this morning, one of the teens greeted me with a snarl and an “I don’t want to do this, this is boring.”  I let her be teenagery while I focused on the rest of the students.  After a walk down to the park to shoot our slampiece and watching a few of her peers enjoy being in front of the camera, she came up to me and said, “I’ve memorized these lines, can I say them?”  We recorded her part and moved onto other students.  A few minutes later she came back.  “I’d like to do these lines too.”   She ended up being in the video more than anyone else.
  • I get to use my Blanket in a Bag for the first time!  I am positive the outdoor concert tonight will be elevated a couple of notches due to my new B in a B.  Water-resistant on one side, cuddly and snuggly on the other.
  • It’s gorgeous out.  Slight breeze.  Sunny and warm, without being overbearing and steamy.  Oh happy hair.  Oh happy biking.  Oh happy Chicago in the summer.
  • Frank, my Emerald Isle fixer-upper, was finally able to fix the leak in my roof.  Bittersweet.  Sad that Irish brogue will be whispered no more outside my bedroom window, but happy that water will no longer drip down on pictures from my time in Rwanda.
  • A friend just returned from Amsterdam, where I’ll be going for the first time in a few weeks.  She shared pics today – it looks magical!  I haven’t been on vacation since June of last year and am very much ready to leave behind voicemail, rendering video, burning DVDs, e-newsletters, FB status updates, watering my very needy plants, stairclimbing at the gym.  And cutting up my own fruit.

God I’m skinny.  All is right.