Stranger love

Strangers have been so nice recently!

1. I left my Shuffle in an unlocked gym locker; returned twelve hours later, and it was still there.  It being “lose weight” season, I can’t even begin to estimate the number of ladies who opened the locker, looked inside, and bypassed the opportunity at a free music-player.  Sad commentary on society perhaps that someone not stealing something is thought to be such a nice gesture.

2. A guy who came to one of my film screenings a couple of weeks ago emailed – I have a drop down screen that I can give to you for free.  I just got it in the mail from purchasing a projector about 4 months ago and I really don’t have a use for it but I thought it would fit perfectly in the space you currently are showing movies.  I can drop it off sometime tomorrow or over the weekend,  let me know when you are going to be around.

He’s dropping it off in an hour.

3. Someone was forwarded a copy of my newsletter, Smatterings, and noticed a blurb I wrote about wanting to fundraise money to send Jasmine to summer camp.  She wrote to me – I would love to donate, I think I could donate $100. I wish I could donate more but you know how it goes. I went to Camp Echo for two summers and have a lot of good memories from my time there. I hope this helps get Jasmine to camp, let me know how I can get the money to you.

She doesn’t know me, she doesn’t know Jasmine.  Such generosity!

4. A girl on the Belmont bus noticed I was having trouble clasping a necklace around my neck.  She offered to help, and put it on as I held up my hair.  I wonder if she noticed that I had just had it in my mouth seconds earlier.  Sorry!