Chicago Concierge – Travel Plan




A personalized travel plan for your Chicago visit based on your dates, budget, goals, and interests delivered pre-arrival so you can plot out your time, make reservations, buy tickets, whatever’s necessary to make this an experience to remember.

Recommended that you purchase your Travel Plan at least four weeks before you need it to increase your chances of getting to do exactly what you want. Rush Plans — less than seven business days — may be available, check with Saya before purchase. $75 additional fee for Rush Plans.

Next Steps

  • Step One: fill out the questionnaire below and press SUBMIT
  • Step Two: click “Add to Cart” above and purchase your Travel Plan
  • Step Three: Saya will email you your Plan within seven business-days of completion of Steps One and Two

Create My Travel Plan

  • Please double-check that you typed this correctly.
  • Please double-check that you typed this correctly. Email is the main form of communication pre-tour. Day of tour, if necessary, communication will be by cell. If for some reason you prefer email -- e.g. your cell plan doesn't work/is spotty when traveling -- let Saya know.
  • Day 1 through final day, e.g. June 4 2021 - June 10 2021
  • The more specific, the better! Best answer: the address Good answer: an Airbnb in Wicker Park, with friends in the South Loop, or the Hotel Monaco If you don't know specifics yet, detail like "looking at Airbnbs in Lincoln Park" or "probably a downtown hotel" is helpful. Once you do know specifics, please let Saya know right away.
  • The more specific you can be, the better Saya can create an outing you'll love! Think food & drink, activities, types of neighborhoods, how you enjoy spending your time, preferred modes of transportation (bike, public transit, walking, etc), what you've heard about Chicago that you just HAVE to check out... You can't provide too much detail, Saya LOVES to hear it all.
  • Detest museums? Sports? Fancy restaurants? Biking? Improv? Pour it out, Friend! If you're wide open, type n/a. But really, if you have dislikes, do state them and don't feel like you're being picky, high-maintenance, or a Debbie Downer.
  • Some people prefer to eat on their own time, some want a meal to be part of the experience. Reminder that if applicable, you'll pay for yourself and Saya will pay for herself.
  • If you're doing a 1/2 day tour, C is not an option due to time.
  • You're vegetarian, you hate crowds, you want to be outside as much as possible, you have an injury that makes it difficult to _____ ...