Stop friending me

My usual reaction to a Facebook (FB) friend request from someone I don’t know is to roll my eyes and click “ignore.”  I’m curious as to the number of stranger-friend requests Facebook users receive on average.  I get a handful a week, which considering the scope of FB, doesn’t seem like much, but it’s still annoying. I don’t use FB to network, I use it to keep up with friends and share what’s going on in my life with friends.   My annoyance probably has to do with the fact that most of them are guys and it feels like I’m being hit on.  This of course may not be true, perhaps it’s a friend of a friend who suggested we should connect, but if you don’t include a message, how will I know that?  I’m not on a quest to amass the most “friends.”

Breaking with tradition of “ignoring,” I actually followed up with the most recent stranger-request:


Between David Mark Okeh and You
Saya Hillman January 26 at 8:27am
I’m sorry, I don’t think I know you. Can I ask why you sent me a friend request?
David Mark Okeh January 26 at 8:36am Report
Yes you don’t know before, but i contact you as a businessman, i am a business i trade on gold dust gold bars in my country Accra Ghana, and i contact you to know if you are interested to do business with me or are you into gold business too?.Thanks
Mr. David Mark
So it wasn’t my beauty but my stench of naïvety.  I have a Nigerian uncle who needs a mere $430 for an amazing business venture that guarantees all investors a 150% return whom I’d like to introduce Mr. David Mark to.
Middle-finger to screen.  Ignore.
Always trust your instinct.  Ew.
David Mark Okeh January 28 at 4:13am Report
Hello,You look good , I am David from Accra Ghana, I am humble, honest and very quiet guy here. I am new to computer. I need a relationship very good one. I do not care how long it will take us to develop it, what matters most is honest and transparency. Do not ignore this or think that I’m coming from Africa it wouldn’t work.
Let me hear from you.