Smatterings: May 2014 Vol II


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Mac & Cheese Productions Goodness | CHEESE-IT PERK!

If you want to be a UX designer, or just think like one, ADMCi is offering you the chance to take a class to peak your interest, further your career, add to your portfolio or help you solve customer problems in new innovative ways.

This summer we are offering:


You can learn more here.

Use MAC&CHEESE to get a $500 discount off your tuition!!

Mac & Cheese Productions Goodness | POTLUCK! (A SMORGASBORD OF IDEAS) — THIS WEEK!

Potluck! (A Smorgasbord of Ideas) brings together several of Chicago’s best and brightest, funniest and handsomest, wittiest and engaging-est for an evening of rapid fire musings on whatever they choose to muse upon.

Each presenter talks about whatever he/she wants, for six-minutes.

No actual food involved.

Check out the lineup for the next one!
And buy NOW, we sell out.

Curated by Mac & Cheese Productions and TeamPete

The Best Time of Day to Do Just About Anything


I recently had someone come into clean my home for the first time.
I was nervous (would it be worth it? would they judge me? would they steal my things? would they read my diary? am I lazy elitist for hiring someone to do what I can do but just don’t want to?) …
Short answer to would I recommend it: HECK YES!

I used Handybook.
Super easy.
You can book the same person or just have a random.
The gal who came for me was very nice and professional.

You can also use the site for handyman services.

Use code SAYA3359 for $25 off your first use! (good for cleaning and handyman services)

Stop Trying to Be Happy and Start Working Towards Your Ideal Self

Learn to Deal with Failure Better Through Improv Comedy

Mac & Cheese Productions Goodness | CHEESE-IT GIVEAWAYS!
Just for being a cheese-it, two freebies for you, no strings —
LUNA Bars delivered to your office!
VIP movie passes for an advanced screening!

The Most Important Security Settings to Change on Your Router

Mac & Cheese Productions Goodness | TIME-MANAGEMENT & EFFICIENCY WORKSHOP

“Great way to learn about the many tools that can be used to organize our day to day and find a better work-play balance. Absolutely recommend.” – student

I married someone who caught my attention due to his love of spreadsheets.
Organization, frugality, and efficiency are what makes my heart go thump, professionally and personally!

  • Do you have a To Do List system that doesn’t work? 
  • Are you overwhelmed by your inbox? 
  • Do you run a business? 
  • Do you plan a lot of social outings or events? 
  • Do you collaborate with others? 
  • Do you coordinate large groups of people? 
  • Do you want to be better at social media? 
  • Do you want to stay current on the world’s goings-ons but are overwhelmed with how to get your news? 
  • Do you often find yourself feeling like you just wasted a chunk of time and that there must be a better way?

The focus of this class are tools you can use to help you juggle life.

More info/register

“Happiness Is Not a Goal, It Is a By-Product”

What to get at Costco and what to forget

Winners and losers from Consumer Reports’ tests

The Best Services That Ease Your Customer Service Experience

Call AAA to Get Roadside Assistance for Your Bicycle

An Introvert’s Guide to Surviving a Weekend with Strangers

Apple Won’t Allow Masturbation Game On App Store

How to Stop Caring About Trolls and Get On With Your Life

If I know you and would recommend you, feel free to ask me to do so.

LoganSquarist Is Growing!
Marketing Director
Social Media Community Manager
Events Manager
Graphic Designer

If I know you and would recommend you, feel free to ask me to do so.

VP Marketing

Mac & Cheese Productions Goodness | FEAR EXPERIMENT (FE) —

Only two more chances left to apply!!

Fear Experiment is one of the most unique ways to challenge yourself, meet others, and experience being a rockstar. 

You sign up solo to learn an art-form that you’re perhaps not the best at, rehearse for three months with an instructor, and then perform in front of hundreds at the Park West.

Art-forms are dance, improv, a capella, storytelling, and stepping; you choose one.

Info session attendance required for all applicants and there are only two left!

If you’d like to apply for the next round, which starts in the Fall, head here.

Fun Things to Do by Yourself


5 Simple Ways To Feel Better Now

Oldie but a goodie…

The ‘Busy’ Trap

Must-have Chrome extensions and apps that will improve your Google Chrome browser experience.

Use This Fun Tool to Plan Your Next Career Move

Second City Exec Kelly Leonard Explains To Grads How The Rules Of Improv Apply To Life

If I know you and would recommend you, feel free to ask me to do so.

Content Designer
Web Enhancement Developer

Stop Saying “I Have A Boyfriend” 

How Football Sounds To People That Don’t Care. This Guy Nails It.

15 Famous Business Books Summarized In One Sentence Each

Mac & Cheese Productions Goodness | LIFE OF YES MEETUP
LOY Meetup
Sharing and supporting.

Come join us at the next one!
Limited to 20 to keep it intimate.

Sarah Baker on Louie : What it was like to play the “fat girl” on Louis C.K.’s FX show.

Inspiring Life Advice for Economic Realists.

18 Complicated Scientific Ideas Explained Simply

Ray Bradbury on How List-Making Can Boost Your Creativity

The Stunning Result in India’s Elections

No joke, Chicago is America’s funniest city

33 Painfully True Facts About Everyday Life

Here’s my SXSW talk in which I speak on my path of becoming a designer in Switzerland, making the transition moving to New York and establishing my various businesses. I speak on my 11 rules and values I live by, both in my professional and personal life. In fact, I speak on the fact that I barely distinguish between the two and that my kids have been my biggest career catalysts.

Dear Chicago, we love you despite it all

22 Common Phrases We All Secretly Hate

Neil DeGrasse Tyson Said What He Thinks About Race Now That He’s Made It, And Almost Nobody Noticed



What Women Want. I Cracked The Code, And Here’s The Secret. 

LOVE these.

11 of the Best Customer Service Stories Ever

Watch This Bald Man Grow Hair In A Matter Of Seconds

6 Ways To Be Happy For Other People’s Success

6 Awesome Things About Having Curly Hair (That Girls With Straight Hair Don’t Know About)

10 Things You Only Know If You’re From Massachusetts

These Guys Met On Craigslist And 2 Years Later Their Startup Raised $37 Million And Is Threatening Amazon

19 Little Joys That Always Make Your Day Infinitely Better

I know it’s not that good. But man, ever since being intro’d to WH a few years ago due to marrying a Louisiana boy, I can’t get enough.

6 Things That Could Happen To You At Waffle House

Secrets of the Stacks

How libraries decide which books to keep—and which don’t stand the test of time

Gah! Was not expecting to tear up when watching this. So many memories. The rugs, the trays, the math beads!

So much appreciation for Mom doing whatever she had to to make Chiaravalle Montessori School a reality, bartering tuition when she couldn’t afford the bills. What a formative experience. 

Eight Chicago Spots For the Ultimate Mani/Pedi

Mac & Cheese Productions Goodness | LIFE OF YES! SLEEPAWAY CAMP

Life of Yes! (LOY) Sleepaway Camp is designed to equip you with a way of thinking and a community rooted in you getting as much as you can out of your life. 

A weekend filled with habit-, value-, and courage-development activities, in an environment where you feel at home with people you just met…

Everyone comes solo.
Check out the details.

21 Sweet Perks Hedge Funds Give To Their Employees

An Artist Reimagined Disney Princesses With Different Races and the Results Will Blow Your Mind

Go Away, Coulter and Limbaugh; Hashtagging Is Better Than Snarking

Why Vendors Can Make or Break Your Event

Oh man, this girl…

You Fail | Joe Janes

Opportunity Is Knocking: Announcing a Contest for Entrepreneurs

“How Not to Feel Guilty about Charging For Your Time”

Can Wal-Mart Really Make Organic Food Cheap For Everyone?

I Got Fired : Here’s What I Learned

My Wife and I Don’t Have Jobs. This Makes People Nervous.

Take a look at this infographic for details on how men and women see the mobile technology world differently.

Woman Tries To Ask For Advice, Gets Epically Put In Her Place!

Imagining the Path to Success Can Help Make It a Reality

If you’re procrastinating, stuck, or struggling to meet a goal, try this (seemingly simple) technique: Write your goal down, then devise different possible ways of achieving it, and finally, close your eyes and imagine yourself carrying out each one. Evidence shows that imagining a movement will stimulate the movement areas in the brain; so by envisioning the steps you must take to reach a certain objective, you “jump start” the brain into action. And focusing on creating clear mental images can also help reduce anxiety and improve confidence. This may seem more challenging if you don’t know the distinct steps needed to reach your goal – but imagery hones your attention and actually activates particular brain regions that make you capable of unconsciously mapping a path to success. So not knowing “how” is OK. Just focus on your goal and imagine the different paths toward reaching it.

A New Story Told at Ground Zero

Why I Finally Forgave Felicity for Cutting Her Hair

Once We Become Parents We Don’t Want to Hang Out With You Anymore (But Not for the Reasons You Think)

What Your ‘Cheap Date’ Says About the Global Economy

Writer Jen Doll Went To 30 Weddings. Here’s What She Learned…

The Most Commonly Spoken Language in Each State Besides English and Spanish

Dear Friends With Kids: Don’t Drop Me Because I’m Childless

What NOT To Say To A Single Person

Are You a Small Business Owner or an Entrepreneur? The Difference Is Important.

Alt Lit: The Latest Internet Writing Trend

Police to deploy officers on skates to fight street crime

18 Complicated Scientific Ideas Explained Simply

Infographic: Are You At A Hipster Wedding?

The Most Popular Baby Names in Each State for 2013

2014 City Stickers Now for Sale as Year-Round Renewals Kick In

To Nobody’s Surprise, the Person Who Leaked the Solange-Jay Z Elevator Video Got Fired

The 21 greatest graduation speeches of the last 50 years


Half Acre Eyes Bowmanville For New Brewery And Beer Garden


Cultural Program + Event Coordinator — Chicago Park District

Chicago Dept of Cultural Affairs + Special Events – Program Director, Marketing

Part tea store and part café (think metal chairs and tables outdoors, comfy leather couches indoors), Teavana is both a place to buy loose tea for home consumption (we’ll take the Blackberry Mojito green and the Dragonfruit Devotion herbal, please) and a spot to cozy up with a mug of Sevenberry Sangria rooibos and a mushroom-and-kale flatbread.

In addition to the more than 100 teas sold loose leaf or to go (hot or cold), the shop also sells nontraditional tea beverages like smoothies, lattes and signature blended drinks made with milk, yogurt or juice. Our favorite is the sweet and crisp Apple Oolong Tea Fresca, which blends apple juice, chia and Maharaja Chai Oolong tea for a taste that’s fruity and light.

Teavana, 3428 N. Southport Ave.; 773-472-8596 or

Via PureWow


love love love!

Chicago Shortcuts: Avoid Traffic, Save Time, Be a City Pro with These Tips

Looking for a fun, unique foodie experience in your home for a fraction of the price of a caterer?
Planning an event and need food?
Try Kitchensurfing!

Use this link and get $50 off your first chef.

How To Marry The Right Girl: A Mathematical Solution

Frozen vs Little Mermaid: Two Anthems, Two Generations. I Want vs I Am 

Tired of the word “awesome”?

18 awesome ways to say awesome

Whatever Happened to Roller Skating?

Watch This Fearless Cat Save A Boy From A Vicious Dog Attack

The mechanics of the disease are still not well understood. Some experts believe that fecal matter leaks out of your colon and travels through your lymphatic system into your writing. Others think it’s figurative. But those distinctions matter little when you are looking at a page of your own writing and seeing shit.” Andy Bobrow explains how writing for the TV show Community cured him. “Five years ago, shortly after my beautiful daughter’s third birthday, I was diagnosed with advanced SWS – Shit Writing Syndrome.

Via NextDraft

Syrian Children Given Cameras To Show What Life In The World’s Second Largest Refugee Camp Looks Like

Turkey Mine Disaster Ignites Angry Protests Over Worker Safety

Bronzeville Is Getting A Shiny New Mariano’s Fresh Market

There is no such thing as an awkward date at the new Fulton Market Kitchen.

Part gallery, part restaurant, the warehouse-inspired FMK displays a variety of artwork from a rotation of local artists–giving you something to debate over a variety of playful contemporary American dishes. You’re even encouraged to get up in the middle of your meal and browse the pieces.

See one you like? Every creation in the restaurant is up for sale.

Fulton Market Kitchen, 311 N. Sangamon St.; 312-733-6900or

Via PureWow

How To Avoid 3 Common Legal Mistakes Small Business Owners Make


SOAKING WET MAY 31st 6-8pm
Let Them Eat Chocolate
5306 N Damen Ave Chicago IL 60625
KOTTYN PRESENTS Shawn Morgan (Comedian), GentlemanSoul Robert Hardaway (Spoken Word Artist) Frequan Lee (Singer), and G.P.A. (Poet)
Live Music by orchestrated by “Money” Ron Ellerson
$10 (Will receive book or cd)

Looking for a miracle?
Join Maureen Muldoon Thursday nights at the Bodhi Spiritual Center in Lincoln Park.
Service starts as 7pm.
Meditation + Affirmative Stories + Sacred Study = MASS.
A Course In Miracles is served up with a healthy side of irreverent humor and wake the fuck up wisdom. All the spirituality… none of the weird stuff.

Join us an get reconnected with you sense of Self.

Need a message recorded for your company’s voicemail system, a narrator for website videos or eLearning courses, an on-camera talent for your productions, or a skilled freelance writer and copy editor?

Visit to learn more or email project info to

I’m featured on the Leap Year Blog, talking about success and what it means to be successful.


As someone who sends/gets money via the web all the time, am LOVING Square Cash. No creating yet another account, super easy. Use this link to try it, we both get $1! And we’re off to (slowly) become millionaires.

Is this possible?!?

Many of you know I started dating Husband due to our love shared love of BBQ, so this topic holds a special place in my heart —


You know a blog by a gal who decided to show her spanx in the cast photo of a show (knowing it would be shared with BILLIONS) has got to be good… That’s her, 3rd from right. That’s me, 6th from left.

Photo by Baylee Images

“Eighty percent of my day is worrying about what kind of various ills my children will succumb to, and the remaining twenty percent is vacuuming goldfish crackers out of the sofa cushions.”

Wifeytini is a brutally honest, oft-hilarious, and always-uncensored account of modern motherhood in the Chicago suburbs. Mom to two kids, two and under, author Sarah Watts writes about tackling student loan debt, overcoming panic disorder, grappling with her son’s special needs, and surviving the day-to-day melee that is raising children. Laugh, cry, and get an inside glimpse at a day in the life of a mom and a wife at

Follow Sarah at @swatters22

Different storytellers. Same first sentence.

See where different storytellers take the same first sentence every month at Serving the Sentence! At the end of each show, the next month’s sentence will be drawn from audience suggestions.

7 p.m., second Sundays at Towbar in Rogers Park (1500 W. Jarvis Ave., off the Jarvis Red Line stop). Come early to get a good seat and eat some of Towbar’s delicious small plate vittles.

$5 suggested donation goes toward a different charity each quarter.

Co-produced by Kendra Stevens and Maggie Jenkins

Up in the air: Tips from the million-mile man

Everyone’s going crazy for this! (But me.)

Riot Fest Chicago 2014: The Cure, Jane’s Addiction, The National, Weezer

The Oh-So-Fragile Class of 2014 Needs to STFU And Listen to Some New Ideas

Why We Favorite Tweets, According To Science

Wallaby is an app and Google Chrome extension (we’ll explain what that is) that helps you figure out which credit card to use for any given purchase.

Let’s start with the app. Upon downloading, you securely link up all of your credit cards so Wallaby has them on file. Then, the next time you’re out and about–say, at the local burger joint–the app will automatically know where you are and tell you which piece of plastic will get you the most bang for your buck there. (In this instance, it suggested our Chase Freedom card, which earns us 5 percent cash back at restaurants this quarter.)

For online shopping, you’ll want to download the WallabyChrome extension (it’s basically a little widget that lives on the Google Chrome browser’s tool bar). Whenever you’re about to buy something, click the widget and it’ll tell you which card to go with. (J.Crew bikini: Bank of America Visa. Trip to Denver: American Express Gold Delta.)

Pixiehammer Press is now available for weddings! We’ll send two writers and two vintage typewriters to your event, where we’ll help wedding guests create custom messages for the happy couple. More fun than a guestbook, great alongside a photo booth or as a unique alternative.  Email

Awesome Summer in Chicago calendar that has all the festivals, big events, etc.
Add it to your own Google Calendar by clicking button on bottom right.

Have q’s? Want to tell the creator how awesome he/she is? Head here!

Do you want to know how to protect your data online?
Do you want to learn how to balance social media and online privacy?
Do you want to understand why data privacy matters?

Kim Z. Dale is an information security specialist and performer who is available to speak to your company, club, or group. Kim combines her information technology expertise with her background in theatre to deliver presentations that are informative and entertaining. Whether you want a formal presentation or a casual Q&A session, Kim will customize a program to meet your group’s specific needs and interests.

Find more information and example presentation topics here.
You can also contact Kim at

Consignment 101: Everything you Wanted to Know About Consigning but didn’t Know Who to Ask

As a parent you know that kids a) go through a lot of stuff and b) are expensive!

Consignment Sales aren’t just a great way to save a money on the items that you need but they are also a great way to make money on the stuff your children are no longer using. From outgrown clothes, to toys, books and furniture you can make space in your house, earn some money and keep items out of landfills! hosted by Lambs Farm and little Lake County with speaker Kristine Rickert, owner of Here Whee Go Again.

Thursday May 22, 7:00 p.m. $10. Tickets here.

Summer Associate, One Summer Chicago (paid internship)

Chicago Cares is hiring for a paid summer associate position that involves teaching leadership, team building, and communication skills to Chicago youth.

A Doctor Explains Why Getting Kicked in the Balls Hurts So Damn Much

Mine would include —

  • the NBA, 1990-1996
  • musicals (specifically, lyrics)
  • Stand By Me, the movie
  • Northwestern Women’s basketball, 1988-1996
  • Chicago street names

What Would Be Your Jeopardy Dream Board?

What to spend on your car when

Splurge or Scrimp: Car Edition

Elite Colleges Don’t Buy Happiness for Graduates
Poll of 30,000 Grads Finds Strongest Correlation Between Inspiring Professors and Future Well-Being

Hot Doug’s to Close in October

How to Not Suck at Dating

So so so moving. My heart ached.

The Day I Started Lying to Ruth
A cancer doctor on losing his wife to cancer.

Can’t wait to visit!

Timbuk2 Opened in Chicago, Will Launch Bike Share Program

Narratively is a platform devoted to untold human stories. We avoid the breaking news and the next big headline, and focus instead on slow storytelling, exploring one theme each week and publishing just one story a day. Our network of talented and passionate storytellers and editors comb our world’s big cities and hidden corners for the characters and narratives that mainstream media aren’t finding—the underdogs and overlooked tales that enlighten us, connect us, and capture our imagination; stories that would otherwise fall through the cracks. Each Narratively piece is presented in the most appropriate medium, from longform and shortform writing to short documentary films, photo essays, audio, interactives and comics journalism. The result is that every story, and storyteller, has the space and time needed to have an impact.

Watch These Adorable Babies Compete in a Crying Contest

These four hedge fund guys out-earned every kindergarten teacher in America

Where to Find Serious Coffee in New York? Everywhere

8 questions you want answered about Nigeria’s missing schoolgirls

Mac & Cheese Productions Goodness | “HOW TO LIVE A LIFE OF YES!” WORKSHOP

A student from one of my winter classes just let me know that he got a dream job from someone he met at the Life of Yes! class he attended. Isn’t that great?!? Amazing what can happen when you GET OUT THERE, when you TAKE ACTION.

The next date has been announced, sign up here!

Who knows what goodness will befall you…

Ohhhh, a game room —

Heritage General Store Now Expanding to Uptown Twice

Online tests are the latest gateway to landing a new job

This was a surprise! I recommended Grub to so many —

GrubWithUs Will Reformulate as Superb, an App for Discovering Places

The Hidden Psychology Of Ordering Food Online

Inside Britain’s big, dumb halal pizza scandal

Visiting Artists Program Coordinator- Art Institute of Chicago

Program Manager at The Illinois Humanities Council

Director, Marketing and Communications – Chicago Humanities Festival

Media Center Assistant Manager

Calling black artists!

2014 William H. Johnson Prize – $25,000

Call for Applications – Artists Fellowship Program

YES! Scroll down to read —

Generic Tips For Emailing Busy People

Hancock Tilt, Buckingham Fountain Are Open

Reading, Writing, Arithmetic, and Lately, Coding

Square Wallet Had Everything Going for It. And Now It’s Dead

Being ignored on Facebook is psychological hell

Twitter Rolls Out a Way to Mute Your Chatty Friends


7 Incredibly Simple Things Guys Can Do To Look Better 

Lessons From a Year of Solo Travel

Is This Definitive Proof that Cheerios Are Gross?

A truckload of dogs has the time of their life at the beach!


I teared up. And I could care less about football.

Michael Sam and the Kisses Seen ‘Round the World [Video] 

And then this –Michael Sam Jersey Sales Surge To No. 2 Out Of NFL Rookies  

How Popular Will Your Name Be in 25 Years?

Why students using laptops learn less in class even when they really are taking notes

Kind of like an Angie’s List for private sports trainers, CoachUp helps athletes of all levels search for and meet local coaches who fit their needs. All you have to do is plug in your zip code and sport of choice (golf, swimming, jujitsu, etc.) and you’ll see a selection of nearby coaches willing to take you on as a humble grasshopper.

Click on individual coaches to see details (what they cost, where they trained, awards they’ve won, how likely they are to break you down before building you back up). Then book and pay directly through the site.

Because CoachUp thoroughly vets all of its pros, you can be sure you’re getting a legit yoga instructor and not just some dude who really likes spandex capris. And if for some reason your session doesn’t work out, they even offer a 100 percent money-back guarantee.

Via PureWow


Raise Kids In A Chaotic Home: You May Create Entrepreneurs

Hey, I’m on this list! Great company.
Entrepreneurs share lessons from Mom

Target Trying to Sell Lakeview Building at Belmont, Ashland

10 words you need to stop misspelling

Millennium Park’s Summer Film Series schedule announced

If anyone is looking into a travel-break, this class might be of interest.

Volunteer Travel Made Easy: How to Choose & Plan Your Next Adventure

FREE activity to do!

Cruel 2B Kind pits you and your team against unknown enemies on public turf. Your weapons: random acts of kindness. Strike quickly and stealthily, and remember, in this game, being cruel can be kind.

Play May 18 at 11:30AM, with Chicago pervasive game designer Greg Loring-Albiright, Waxwing Puzzle Company, and the organizers of Journey to the End of the Night.

Game developed by Jane McGonical [@avantgame] and Ian Bogost [@ibogost].

Check out the detailed HOW TO PLAY page!
Contact Greg — @gregisonthego |

Register here

Hot Doug’s Closing Permanently Oct. 3: ‘It’s Time to Do Something Else’

Blue Line Hero of 2007 Reconnects With Pregnant Woman He Saved

Best Chicago Tourist Spots Aren’t Where You Think


Taste of Chicago Announces Headliners

Chicago Farmers Markets

I Lived a Day According to Ben Franklin’s Schedule and It Changed My Life 

Date Night’s Not Enough: Why You and Your Partner Need Pre-Baby Counseling 

16 Micro Dwelling Stories Straight From a Tiny House Memoir

AMEN!! One of the Life of Yes! Steps —

Adultery Saturdays: Stop Comparing Yourself To Others (And Playing Poker In Back Rooms)

A Fan Asks Mike Rowe For Career Advice…He Didn’t Expect This Response, But It’s Brilliant.

Live-tweeting of a poetry reading! Ha.

Iowa Writers’ Workshop 2nd Year Poetry Reading in My Yard
I was minding my own business on Saturday, April 26, 2014, when I heard people applauding in my backyard.

22 Movies Lots Of Guys Will Drop What They’re Doing To Watch


The 9 elements of great bootstrapped business ideas

The way we board airplanes makes absolutely no sense

Twenty in their 20s
They’re eager. They’re innovative. And they’re not yet 30. Introducing 20 locals who are making their mark on their respective industries – and whose names you should know now.

Shoutout to Jerald Gray, a Fear Experiment partner!!

The rise of sadvertising

President Obama’s Best Lines from Nerd Prom

Ever wonder what happened to this?
The Amtrak Writers’ Residency’s Journey from Twitter to Talent Search

That’s it, folks! Hope you enjoyed this issue.

Use someone’s services in Smatterings and LOVED them? Went to an activity suggested in here and LOVED it? Have some other positive come out of Smatterings?

Let me know! That fuels me continuing to do the labor-intensive Smatterings twice a month.