Smatterings: July 2015 Vol II

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Activity to do! (That can be free!)
In Love and Warcraft-Pre-production-ad art
In Love and Warcraft

By Madhuri Shekar
directed by Tlaloc Rivas
a Chicago premiere production
August 13 through September 20, 2015
Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays at 8pm; Sundays at 6pm

Beginning  August 13, Halcyon Theatre presents In Love and Warcraft by Madhuri Shekar, a romantic comedy about fear and acceptance of intimacy both physical and emotional in a cute and geeky leaning way. In Love and Warcraft is directed by nationally acclaimed director Tlaloc Rivas.

Evie Malone—gamer girl, college senior and confirmed virgin—has it all figured out. Not only does she command a top-ranked guild in Warcraft with her online boyfriend, she also makes a little cash on the side writing love letters for people who’ve screwed up their relationships. Love is like Warcraft, after all. It’s all about strategies, game plans, and not taking stupid risks. But no amount of gaming expertise can help her out when she’s next to a handsome, non-virtual, boyfriend, who is ready to rock all of her worlds.

There are two paths you can take to reach your seat —

1.) Through our Radical Hospitality program, we are holding a number of seats for first come, first serve, free entrance to every performance. The box office opens one hour before the performance.

2.) Audience members who prefer guaranteed admission can do so for a $20 fee ($10 for the Ceyx series) paid in advance online.

Halcyon Theatre is in-residence at Christ Evalengical Lutheran Church in Chicago’s Albany Park neighborhood. We are two blocks west of Kedzie Ave and two blocks north of Montrose Ave, on the corner of Wilson and Spaulding in Chicago.

More information may be found here.


Manager of Communications opportunity with the Chicago Foundation of Women.  The position will report to the Director of Development and Communications.

Gah! I always love when people take leaps — move to another country, perform standup, ask an architect out — but it also always scares the bejeezus out of me when they tell me I had something to do with the leap.
This gal came to Idea Potluck Tuesday and shared that she was thinking of quitting her job to pursue her passion (yay!). I told her to keep us updated and included a nod to her in the Thank You email sent to attendees.

She did it!

Screen Shot 2015-07-15 at 5.39.03 PM

So now everyone PLEASE stay at April’s Logan Square pad via Airbnb, share her pad with out of towners, and/or become a host yourself!

That’s what she’s doing full-time now and is the go-to resource for current/aspiring Chicago hosts and their guests.

Host with her help —

Stay with her —

Follow her on Twitter/Instagram @AirbnbChi and like her FB page Chicago Airbnb Hosts.

Show These Three Simple Qualities to Be an Amazing Party Guest 

Ten Great Travel Destinations if You’re a Vegetarian 

How to Support a Partner Struggling with Depression

What to Do About Debt When You’ve Lost Your Job

How Selfies Can Help You Achieve Your Fitness Goals

An Adult’s Guide To Learning To Ride A Bicycle

What Losing 110 Pounds REALLY Looks Like

5 Weirdly Amazing Food Combinations You Must Try

5 Strategies for Communicating When You Don’t Even Like to Talk

Mac & Cheese Productions Goodness | FEAR EXPERIMENT℠ (FE)
“Being part of FE has been terrifying, exhilarating, and the best gift I could have possibly given myself.”

The next round starts in the Fall.
Info session attendance required for all applicants and there is one left, coming up soon!

More Info & Sign Up




Good to keep in mind when you get rejected…

7 Rejections

Psychology Finally Reveals One Potential Answer To Finding Your Soulmate

The Writing Assignment That Changes Lives

The solar road in the Netherlands is working even better than expected

5 Things I Learned When I Quit My Six-Figure Life and Moved to Mexico


Love this!

These Posters Will Show You How Famous Start-Ups Were Conceived

A little known hack from Japan to get your notebook organized


Mac & Cheese Productions Goodness | LIFE OF YES℠ SLEEPAWAY CAMP

The summer camp is full, apply for the Fall one now!

Everyone comes solo.
A way to recharge, start anew, and create community.

Check out a pictorial blog post of one of our past camps

More Info & Apply

Mac & Cheese Productions Goodness | IDEA POTLUCK

“I’m still on an endorphin high from this! This was one of the best evenings I’ve had in a mucho long time. Thanks for creating such a kind, innovative, positive event!” – one of the presenters last night

Rockstar Chicagoans from all walks of life get six minutes to do whatever they want.

You just sit back and soak it all in.

Check out the lineups for this monthly event and get your ticket now, we always sell out!

11 Successful Products Originally Invented for Something Else

Fuckilarious Bullshit: We Turned The Worst Client Comments Into Posters

‘F*ck That’, A Guided Meditation for the Realities of Today’s World

An Open Letter to All of My Friends Who Take Selfies

How To Find True Love If You’re An Introvert (And Hate Dating)

Why “Selfish” People Are Happier & Healthier

A 3-Step Plan To Find Your Tribe

Want To Manifest Your Dream Life? 3 Steps To Get You There
Why It’s Totally OK To Feel Sad & Lonely

Mac & Cheese Productions Goodness | ‘LIFE OF YES℠: LIVE YOUR DREAM, NOT THE DREAM’ WORKSHOP

“Saya did an amazing job creating a fun and relaxing atmosphere. I was immediately comfortable upon arriving. The content of the class was interactive, easily actionable, and invaluable. I loved the class.”

Last class of the summer coming up in August!

More Info | Register

Mac & Cheese Productions Goodness | LIFE OF YES℠ MEETUP

Friendly strangers hanging out on couches.
Relaxed, no pressure way to meet others and share what’s on your mind/ask for guidance.

More Info & Join Us 

Improve Your Posture & End Back Pain With These 7 Lifestyle Changes

How To Get Unstuck + Start Fulfilling Your Life Purpose

If you’re like me and like doing your own ‘research’ on ailments, my doctor says: WebMD is OK. I prefer the Mayo Clinic and Cleveland Clinic patient websites.

A Cheese-It is selling her awesome place!

Awesome 2-br 2-ba condo with private roof access (Skyline view), garage parking, and lots of upgrades located in Lakeview near the lake. Anyone interested, please check out the link:

Become a Networking Beast by Following This 5-Step Plan

Why introverts make great freelancers

Does Safely Ejecting From a USB Port Actually Do Anything?

New Chip and PIN Cards Are About to Make Your Money More Secure

Ask a Novel, Interesting Question to Remember Names and Introductions

17 Ways to Conquer Soul-Crushing Negativity

5 Things that Happen When You Embrace Being Alone

20 Things We Should Say to Ourselves More Often

This is ridiculous.

There’s a Long Wait to Check Out the ‘Most Exclusive Website’


Streaks for Android helps you stick with your habits using Jerry Seinfeld’s productivity trick

The Catchiest Songs (According to Science)

Reading War and Peace on my iPhone

Viacom Is Having A Midlife Crisis

Why nobody wants their MTV

Sometimes it’s good to hear this…
I’m Not Okay

30 Beach Reads



Meghan Daum, an essayist, novelist and the editor of Selfish, Shallow, and Self-Absorbed: Sixteen Writers on the Decision Not to Have Kids  (Picador, 2015), and Tim Kreider, a writer, cartoonist, the author of We Learn Nothing: Essays and Cartoons (2012) and a contributor to Selfish, Shallow and Self-Absorbed discuss why love and marriage doesn’t always lead to a baby carriage.

Well, this doesn’t hold true for me, but…

Rich Kids Study English

New data shows that students whose parents make less money pursue more “useful” subjects, such as math or physics.

‘Adult preschool’ charges hipsters to take naps, play with glitter glue

Mac & Cheese Productions Goodness | RECENT BLOG POSTS

Mac & Cheese Productions Goodness | CHEESE-IT DISCOUNTS



Screen Shot 2015-07-08 at 3.59.43 PM

That’s it, folks! Hope you enjoyed this issue.

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