Scratched out note at top of blog

I’ve had a few inquiries about the note that’s scratched out in the blog banner.  It’s part of a journal entry from when I was sixteen.  The entry starts: 7/17/97 – 234 lbs, I joined the Evanston Athletic Club (EAC) yesterday, and went today for the 1st time.  Hopefully, this will be the start of the rest of my life. Don’t know why I scratched out the end of the entry  – did I think the list was a bad idea?  Unattainable?  Pretty applicable today.

People also inquired after the “lite, mixed, tall” image.  That is from some guy’s blog, in response to my picture and bio in a local magazine.  Just fell in love with the spelling, grammar, overall intelligence of the posting…

Table for One – Off to a BBQ by myself of a guy I talked to for five minutes on Tuesday after Pecha Kucha, where I’ll know no one except him and since he’s hosting am sure he won’t be able to babysit me and take me around to meet so and so.  Strapping on my “pretend it’s not weird to walk into a party by yourself where everyone else is best friends” boots.  Giddy up.