Rules created this weekend that should be followed at all times

  • When signing up for a Mingler and answering what sexual orientation you are, don’t type “hedero.”
  • When at the gym, don’t go up to a sweaty girl in spandex and say “Hey, I’ve been watching you on the stairclimber.”
  • When at a coffeehouse, don’t whisper-read.  Words should be read silently.
  • When you go to someone’s house, don’t close the roof-top deck door behind you without checking first if it’ll lock.
  • When you wear jeans, don’t wear a denim jacket.  Denim should be worn on the top OR the bottom.
  • When you bring cocktail wieners to a party, don’t assume the host will have ketchup and mustard.
  • When you’re invited to something, RSVP.  In a timely manner.
  • When sitting within five feet of someone, don’t keep looking up and staring at him/her, thinking that because he/she is looking at a laptop screen that he/she can’t feel your nasty eyeballs.
  • When in a public place and sitting in close proximity to others, don’t eat smelly food.  Or chew loudly.