Only the best intentions

There are many things that when I start them, I have the best intentions. But somewhere along the way…

Loading the silverware-holder in the dishwasher:

  • Supposedly it’s better if you load them so that the they’re upright, less of an issue of nesting, where a spoon lies in a spoon and then doesn’t get fully cleaned.
  • And it makes sense to put all the knives together, spoons together, you get the picture.
  • I begin doing both things but quickly spiral downward, crazily and lazily mixing forks and knives, some up, some down.

Buying a non-single-serving-size package of sweets, knowing that today is the day I discover will-power:

  • Whole box of powdered-donuts gone in a night.

Reading a book:

  • I feel guilty and stupid and that I’m wasting brain-cells when I’m not reading a book.
  • I’ll start one and make sure to leave it next conveniently to the bed.
  • The current book, Good Without God, has been there, with my bookmark about a quarter through, for six months.

Shopping at Target:

  • I need sponges, toilet paper, and toothpaste.
  • I leave with sponges, toilet paper, toothpaste, conditioner, a cardigan, a purse, earrings, mixing bowls, and a diet Dr. Pepper.
  • This is obviously a problem for other people as well – there’s a Facebook group with more than 100,000 members I went to Target to buy shampoo and spent $150.

Shopping at Trader Joe’s:

  • See Target above, and swap “sponges, toilet paper, and toothpaste” for “rice pudding, chicken mango sausage, and greek yogurt.”

There are many more, but I sat down to start editing a video project and used this blog post to put off the syncing, blading, and sequencing.  So in an effort to finish what I started, I’ll stop here.