Oh semicolon, you make me tingly

A flood of emails recently, some beautiful and poetic and delicious, some dastardly and vomit-inducing and horrid, leads me to say – I cannot state strongly enough how attractive the following things are in guys:

  • Proper grammar
  • Correct spelling
  • An expansive vocabulary
  • Remembering details, especially little, seemingly insignificant ones you mumble under your breath

And conversely, how quickly I become disinterested in you, even strongly want to punch you, if you use “their” when you should use “they’re.”  We all have slip-ups, I’ve made numerous spelling/grammar boo-boos, but feel there’s an overall properness (he he) to my communication.

Now whoever can send email that not only has everything listed above, but that also speaks in a British accent, please propose, I will say yes.