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Life of Yes℠ Diaries

See how to implement the Life of Yes℠ mentality into everyday life through specific shares by someone truly living out loud

Adulting Kit

What if there was a magical place that had all the grownup things you should know and do, in list, table, flowchart, & spreadsheet form? The boring, unsexy knowledge that by its simple possession makes you capital A Adult and thus an organized, efficient, proactive, sexy being.   👋🏾 Enter the Life of Yes℠ Adulting Read more…

Cross It Off Weekend

A day to hunker down and cross that dang thing off your To Do List. Cause working individually together is magical.

Life of Yes℠ Sleepaway Camp

A weekend filled with habit-, value-, and courage-development activities, in an environment where you feel at home with people you just met… adult summer camp.

Chicago Concierge

From a personalized travel plan to a personable tour guide, Saya’s your Chicago Concierge.