What are you trying to accomplish: Personal Development

Life of Yes℠ Diaries

See how to implement the Life of Yes℠ mentality into everyday life through specific shares by someone truly living out loud

Adulting Kit

What if there was a magical place that had all the grownup things you should know and do, in list, table, flowchart, & spreadsheet form? The boring, unsexy knowledge that Read more…

Secret Sauce Squad

A DO. THE. THING. empowerment program, rooted in community and action, to help you design and live the life you desire. Professionally. Personally. Whateverally. At program end, you’ll have the tools to continue the goodness on your own, making the end just the beginning…

Cross It Off Club

A focused, distraction-free, consistent protection of time and space for you to do you alongside focused others. Separately, together.

Secret Project

Are you yes’y? Do you like win-win-wins? Do you trust Saya? Are you available Wednesday, November 3rd, 2021 8:30-9am CST to hop on a Zoom? If yes x 4, join Read more…

Storytelling Showcase

An inspiring gathering of people challenging themselves and sharing themselves via storytelling. An adult recital if you will.


Mac & Cheese Productions℠ equips you with the tools to design your life to fit YOU via one-on-one consulting.